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Louise Thompson

I work with first time female leaders, supporting them to communicate and lead effectively and giving them the confidence to "take their seat" at the table.

Alice Chepeau

I help moms raise happy children while pursuing a life that fulfils them so they can show up at their best without sacrifice, guilt or overwhelm.

Laura Duggal

Supporting women to successfully and happily embrace their new identity as a working parent, providing a safe space to get clarity on priorities, direction and the next step.

Soumya Karkera

Enabling children and parents to make informed mental health choices, advocating for their needs, and developing emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and life skills.

Lorraine Petken

l help women in HR identify their career aspirations, realise their potential, and achieve their work goals in an empathic, supportive, intuitive but challenging way.

Kellie Nedelcoux

Empowering women who are heading off or returning from maternity leave to: regain your sense of self, build your confidence, own your career and balance your life

Gehad Mursi

I am a certified counsellor and coach with a passion for helping individuals reach their full potential. I use both my areas of expertise to help clients overcome their life challenges and reach their goals.

Juliette Dyke

Helping you to find your gifts and discover the work you were meant to do.

Sarah Clarke

I'll help you design a happier ‘you-shaped’ career or business, aligned with your unique personality and purpose. Find out who you are and do it on purpose.

Aileen Carson

I help women in the third sector progress with their careers without burning out so they can have a bigger impact on the people they serve.

Oriel Camp

I help busy, stuck mums to reconnect with what is important to them so they can make a confident career change and feel fulfilled.

Emily Bal

Confidence coach helping midlifers get unstuck and realise how extraordinary they are so they take control and create positive change in their lives and careers

Sue Payne

A coach and mentor with 20 years of leadership experience. Supporting women to realise their full career potential at key life stages- returning to work, peri menopause, becoming an entrepreneur.

Ekaterina Ward

Mindset & Embodied Leadership Coach, supporting Mothers in Business to ⁣feel good as they raise their Energy, Income & Impact without sacrificing their own needs or precious family time.

Helena Ewers

Helping you find clarity and direction through the fog, reconnected with your "this is me!", and reignited with your sparkle and confidence to live your life your way.

Philine Chucri

Wellbeing and Mindset Coach. Empowering you to manage overwhelm, confidently create the work-life balance you desire and grow into the person and parent you want to be.

Melissa Hague

Helping you to face risk, uncertainty and emotional exposure with courage and clarity, so that you can be brave with your life.

Katrina Court

I help women navigating the monumental transition of becoming a mum, to reconnect to themselves and embrace who they’re becoming. So they can experience motherhood with more confidence, clarity and self-compassion

Cat Tarbuck

I empower parents to craft a career that works with their home life, whether that be rebuilding confidence after a career break or considering a brand-new career direction.  

Sara Smalley

Working with clients to gain clarity on their next step, focusing on strengths, motivations and opportunities to move towards a career where they feel motivated, satisfied and have purpose

Anna Orenstein-Cardona

My passion is to empower women to overcome their money blocks, align their financial behaviors with personal goals, make smarter financial decisions, build generational wealth, and achieve financial freedom.

Tonya Malone

I help high-performing professionals harness their power, up their game and create the life and career they love, achieving success and fulfilment without sacrificing who they are or their wellbeing.

Gemma Rabbini

Helping ambitious, intelligent female Heads of Marketing & CX to achieve deep self-belief through impactful 1.1 confidence programmes.

Vicky Harrison

Helping working mums be unapologetically ambitious and achieve career success without neglecting their personal priorities of well-being. Implementable, practical, life-changing strategies.

Hannah Porteous-Butler

Supporting you to manage challenging life transitions, enabling you to rediscover your identity and reach your full potential. Play to your strengths and live a life that brings you joy.

Deanne Logan

I will support you to live and work authentically in a way which aligns with your values, through providing you with space to explore your identity, purpose and impact.

Sam Rudd

I am a Transformative Coach working with heart-led Creatives, Media Leaders + Female Entrepreneurs to gain clarity; maximise performance + career success to live a more balanced authentic values-led life.

Ellie Yell

As a mum of five, coach and entrepreneur, I've had successes, struggles, joy and tears. I support working mums, women and under-represented founders to thrive both personally and professionally.

Rachel Childs

Empowering working mums to confidently navigate the transition points that intersect family life and your career.

Sarah Taylor Phillips

I help mid-life women find a new role, get promoted, work more flexibly, get a pay rise, secure an assignment, reduce burnout, keep well and love life.

Jo Williams

Guiding women who feel stuck, unhappy or unready to create the clarity, courage and confidence to make the next move.

Rebecca Amin

Supporting female service-based business owners who have outgrown their existing niche or business model, to get clarity on their 'what next?', reach their next level of success and feel excited to show up in their business again now and long into the future!

Lin Courage

Life Connection Coach helping women to manage mindset & emotions so that you can create life balance & success in alignment with who you truly are.

Charlotte Worth

I help my clients to unlock their full potential by enabling them to navigate any bumps in the road, embrace their strengths and achieve their work-life goals

Tamsin Williamson

Empowering ambitious but unfulfilled mums to reconnect with their passion, purpose and potential, so they can rule life while raising kids unapologetically on their terms

Eva Turya

Expert in meaningful conversations harnessing energy and space for experienced professionals looking to re-ignite and transform their lives and careers. Influenced by positive psychology, existentialism and diversity & inclusion.

Denise Tuke

I help women who are either feeling stuck in their careers, or are thinking about returning to work, regain confidence to make informed career-related decisions

Jen Smollett

I help professional women to build their confidence and self belief so that they can thrive at work and at home

Amy Shepherd

I help people perform brilliantly at work. I use a range of coaching tools and techniques to help you navigate your career, make a change, and create a meaningful work-life balance.

Cathy Sansom

I am a qualified coach and counsellor, specialising in empathetically addressing the whole family dynamic, as well as working with individuals (eg parenting, marital harmony, teenagers)

Heather Rutherford

I provide a calm, confident approach to parenting, offering practical solutions to help each unique family thrive.

Ruth Richards

Executive coach working with leaders who want to feel calm, confident and in control.

Henrietta Nelson

I help women bring their unique genius into the world and create a working life that excites, inspires and energizes them, and leaves the world a better place.

Ayesha Murray

I champion working mums who want to take control of their career and work-life balance, as well as find the confidence to put their needs back on the agenda.

Shirley McLellan

The titles we publish at Wellness Books help empower people to take better care of their health and wellbeing.

Jane McKenna

I help women navigating career change or maternity leave to uncover their story, reconnect with their professional identity and find career happiness through 1:1 coaching, group programmes, online courses and workshops.

Suzy Malhotra

Life coach supporting working mothers to lead themselves to Become HER, living in alignment with her values and needs without sacrificing or compromising on her career or her family responsibilities.

Beth Macleod

I help mums to increase their confidence and align their priorities by focusing their energy in the right areas, reaching their full potential at home and in work.

Marielle Legair

Personal branding, PR and LinkedIn consultant helping women increase their visibility to create more impact, influence and income.

Teresa Klasener

I help clients who are feeling uncertain with their direction, to recalibrate and relaunch with vision, clarity and renewed peace of mind.

Emma Kangis

I help my clients to create a path for success that works for them with confidence and ease, whether that be changing career, effectively transitioning into a new role, becoming a more impactful leader or building better relationships/ teams at work.

Lucy Higgins

ICF accredited Career & Wellbeing Coach & Mum of two, with 20 years experience in Corporate Communications. I am passionate about helping unfulfilled Mums find work life happiness and harmony.

Marion Hewitt

Helping you value and appreciate yourself, develop greater self-kindness and optimise your natural strengths, for better outcomes

Anna Hewitt

I’m here to get you the confidence and career clarity you crave.

Louisa Harrison

Taking you from self-doubt and overwhelm to feeling confident, brave and empowered as you transition back into the working world.

Jessica Fearnley

I am a strategy and mindset coach; I help women in business to grow revenue, earn more for themselves and achieve ambitious plans.

Janine Esbrand

I help female professionals get promoted faster or land a better role elsewhere with 5-figure salary increases by mastering strategic positioning and intentional relationship building

Elrika Erasmus

I co-create success stories with my clients by applying evidence-based psychology compassionately and creatively in the coaching framework.

Mary Doyle

A lifetime as a Disabled person, combined with 25 years in software and services, equips me to offer my clients insights of a different perspective

Pamella Bisson

I empower women to track their cycle for career success!

Nasima Begum

I am a transformational life coach who helps women and young people overcome life challenges, gain confidence, become unstuck and create the future they want to see.

Nisha Aubeeluck

I specialise in helping my clients go from feeling lost and stuck, to thriving in a job that they love talking about.

Nicky Collins

I am a champion for autistic women and girls, and empower my girls to step into an authentic version of their autistic self

Coaches are not employed by us and all arrangements between client and coach are entered into at your own discretion. We take no commission so you are free to contact them directly via the button on their page or the contact information provided.