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Kusum Ravindranath

Kusum Ravindranath

I'm a passionate coach, writer, and life-long learner. I work with individuals who are returning to work, changing careers, developing new elements to their work portfolios, and need structured support.

Location: London

Year Qualified: 2021

Areas of Expertise


I met Kusum at a point where I was very confused about what to do next in my life. I left my previous career to focus on family a while back and over the years as my children got older, I found myself with more free time and a desire to get back work or study. I could not step back into my previous career as too much time had passed and was also looking for a change. But the thought which way to go and how to start was overwhelming and confusing. That is where kusum stepped in! Together, with her guidance, we mapped out my valued, attributes and possible fields to explore. With her warmth, empathy and humour she guided me over the course of a few sessions to understand the type of career I should pursue and how to go about it, step by step! I have since signed up for a degree psychotherapy & counselling and enrolled in several volunteer opportunities in that field. I feel more fulfilled, driven and energised than before, now that I have forged my path ahead and can only thank Kusum so much for getting me back on track!

Sharon, wanting to get career restarted after taking a 20 year break to raise kids

When I met Kusum, I was 29, in the middle of a career change, but still very uncertain about what the right path was for me. I knew I needed change, but I wasn’t sure what that should look like. I had a range of ideas from starting up to academic study. Her help was invaluable in helping me understand my strengths and, more importantly, what I valued most in work which enabled me to find a path that was right for me.

Gus, exploring career change in his late twenties

I work as a researcher, that is my day job and I enjoy the work. But I am also a singer and love writing and I did not want to let go of these interests. I felt time was slipping by and my life had become all about work and the children, and I had no time to nurture my interests. I did not even know what I wanted to do about them. The best thing about Kusum is there is a lack of judgment, but there is also enthusiasm about your goals as a client, which is a great combination. Over a bunch of sessions, we explored everything from personal branding to visioning, and managing time and productivity. I now have a more fulfilling life with different elements to it and that makes me happier.

Suchi, full time researcher and novelist

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • PG Certificate in Executive Coaching

    Professional Background

    My professional background has varied from corporate human resources and leadership and development at multinationals like General Electric, to senior management roles that I grew into from grass-roots experience in leading charities in London and New York. I consider this diversity of experience an asset as apart from a breath of functional skills, it has taught me about career exploration, reinvention, branding, and the values of empathy, compassion, and resourcefulness in a way that a more linear career could not have. Alongside my day job, I’m a published writer and a podcast host and my creative passions fulfill me as much as my professional work.

    What drew you to coaching?

    I first experienced coaching when I trained as a Life Coach almost fifteen years ago. It led to me pursuing the dream to write my first book, and although I decided that Life Coaching was not for me,  I was greatful for the experience. A decade later, I experienced career coaching, when I shifted to New York as a travelling spouse. It was incredibly clarifying and uplifting, and led me to a second innings in my career which was also my most successful and satisfying professional experience. I could feel the cobwebs clear in my head, and as some one likes working directly with people, I thought this would be an exciting skills to develop and hone, and thus began my tryst as a career coach. 

    My coaching strengths are a warm and empathetic approach, interdisciplinary professional background (corporate human resources, social justice, economic empowerment, writing, and podcasting), and a bias towards action as a form of reflection. I want my clients to not just survive but fully thrive in their working lives, which is closely linked with their individual well-being and societal contributions.

    Fee Structure

    I charge 60 pounds for an hour of individual coaching that is paid for by the client, irrespective of industry and experience level. My sessions are usually 60-90 minutes based on schedules and requirements. There is no minimum number of sessions clients need to sign up for, as I find clients require different levels of support from one or two sessions to sustained support over a maximum of three months. My coaching business Lively-hood  is set up as a social enterprise and I set a few hours aside every week to offer pro-bono support to clients who are on benefits or without income.

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