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Mary Doyle

Mary Doyle

A lifetime as a Disabled person, combined with 25 years in software and services, equips me to offer my clients insights of a different perspective

Location: Hertfordshire

Year Qualified: 2017

Areas of Expertise


"Mary is cheerful, informed and inspirational. She has listened attentively and been available when I have needed support in coming to terms with a disability and all that it entails. I am continuing to work with Mary because I feel I can learn a lot from her, and to be given the chance to think through how my disability affects me, as well as thinking through how to make the best of life and grow in confidence." ​

Elizabeth, university professional, wanting more career opportunities

"Coaching with Mary is a subtle and rewarding experience. The first couple of sessions, I thought we were just chatting and getting to understand each other before the ‘real’ coaching started. It never seemed like we were working or achieving anything special at the time, but I soon came to realise that after each session I was more motivated, had clearer goals and generally felt lifted and more enthusiastic about facing life’s challenges. Mary brings such a wealth of experience, empathy and good-humoured enthusiasm to every session that it is impossible not to leave feeling better than when you started. If you are struggling with something in your life, I would strongly recommend a ‘chat’ with Mary to get you back on track."

Rob, senior engineering manager, wanting to decide on what to do following redundancy

"Mary provided several workshops for Disabled job seekers on an employment programme called CREATE, a new initiative from ILMI. Mary’s custom workshops were described by the attendees as empowering, motivating, progressive, thought-provoking, supportive and powerful. Mary was a sensational hit with her peers and with her exceptional content and delivery style. Mary is now one of our go-to people."

Independent Living Movement Ireland, group coaching for disabled job seekers

What words describe the workshop? “Inspiring, reflective, restorative, compassionate, uplifting, reviving, interesting, applicable.” 100% of attendees who provided feedback agree: They feel more confident about their disability and they are enough. Improve knowledge of the social model of disability and ableism. They would recommend this workshop to a colleague. For the Serving Disabled People In Style Workshop. What words describe the workshop? “Perspective changing, thought-provoking, engaging, informative, interactive, insightful, clear, fun, interesting, relaxed.” 100% of attendees who provided feedback agree: They feel more confident they can better support colleagues and clients. They now have a toolkit to communicate better.

Financial Services sector For the Rocking Your Difference At Work Workshop.

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Full Member of Association for Coaching
    • 120 hours of face to face coach training
    • Level 2 Certificate in Inclusion and Diversity
    • Logical Operations Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT®)

    Professional Background

    I am a professional leader with 25+ years of software/services experience in the electronic payments industry for billion-dollar companies. In 2017 I completed my professional coach training and became a business owner. My background is in software development, professional services and 24/7/365 customer support of complex banking systems and software engineering management for blue chip companies. My roles in direct customer support and staff management took me all over the world and I’m very comfortable in understanding the global and cultural challenges of large organisations (5K employees).

    What drew you to coaching?

    As a proud wheelchair user, my life and work are dedicated to personal and organisational development to improve inclusion and understanding in society through coaching, consultancy and disability equality training. I want people to rock their difference, whatever it looks like. I work with disabled and non-disabled people and I’ve have been told working with a disabled coach was a massive help to other disabled people in building their confidence and understanding around their own disability and place in the world. I draw upon the Disability Rights Movement to support and educate people.

    Fee Structure

    My coaching services are fairly priced for those committed to investing in their future self. A short block of sessions is often the most helpful in working towards a goal and seeing results. I offer:

    A 3 months coaching package for £1295.

    A free introductory call (45 minutes) to ensure I’m the best coach for you.

    A pre-coaching questionnaire to help you clarity what you aim to achieve.

    Fortnightly hourly sessions by Zoom.

    I’ll send learning resources which I think are a good fit for your goals.

    I’m also available in between sessions via email or messages for items with require urgent support.

    Occasionally life gets in the way and a session needs to be moved and that’s ok, aiming for 3 months helps to keep focus and continuity but we’re only human and if you have a disability or long term health condition I can work at your pace.

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