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In March 2023 our survey of over 2,000 mothers found that a lack of tailored coaching support to help women re-think and re-engage with their careers before returning to work was cited as a critical factor in their decision to progress at the company.

When the odds are consistently stacked against working mothers in the workplace, focused support is required.

Our online programmes are accessible by everyone, acknowledging that women deserve some tailored support after childbirth if the employer truly believes that all women should have access to the same opportunities as the majority of men.

How we can help your organisation 

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On-demand e-Learning & Coaching

Most Coaching is delivered in-person, 1:1. But when L&D budgets are constrained and work schedules are busy this is not always the most effective way of reaching the people who most need the support in your organisation, and how do you make your budget stretch far enough so that everyone can access some kind of support?

Our Maternit-eCoaching programme does exactly that. It is comprised of individual modules that are informed by the conversations happening every day in our online community of more than 11,000 working mothers.

Each module comprises of a series of online lessons that sit on our mobile-friendly, e-Learning platform and are available on-demand. They are designed to be worked through at the employee’s convenience, whether that’s on the train into work or during a baby’s late night feed. Each module is delivered by one of our professional Coaches, who all bring their specialist, diverse expertise.

We start with preparing your career for parental leave, then setting yourself up to return successfully, we take a look at the shift in personal values that may have occurred since having your baby, then move on to building confidence and finding your peak performance before considering what your future career path might look like once you’ve returned and settled back into working life.

Our e-Coaching is the most cost-effective way of giving all parents, returning from Parental Leave access to coaching support. And the data show that coaching directly influences a Returner’s success, and whether they stay or leave the company. So it’s far better to invest in retaining your talent than attempting to replace them.

Support for Line Managers  
Acknowledging that it is not about “fixing” women, often Line Managers need to feel confident to have meaningful conversations with people as they return from Parental Leave. Being an empathetic leader, being aware of unconscious bias and creating a culture of support is key to ensuring parents return to work and stay.

We work with managers to set them up for success. Our training ensures policies are correctly interpreted and communicated by managers in a way that fits with your brand & culture.

Industry benchmarking, insight & best practice

We also offer industry benchmarking and reporting that gives you with insight into what other employers are doing to attract and retain women and parents. Our community of over 25,000 working mothers gives us a unique vantage point which we are able use in our research, and we blend this with qualitative research. Our reports make recommendations that have a positive impact and are tailored to your budget.

Click here for our latest report into Life As A Working Mother  in 2023.

In-person community events

Our annual in-person event takes place in March each year. Without the generous support of our corporate partners the event would not be possible.

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