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We support both mothers and fathers, but when the odds are consistently stacked against women, focused support is required to create not just equal, but financially equitable opportunities for working mothers.  We work with employers who are unafraid to invest in supporting women, working parents and crucially line managers & leaders.

How we can help your organisation 

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Industry benchmarking, insight & best practice

We offer industry benchmarking and reporting that gives you with insight into what other employers are doing within your industry, and more widely, to attract and retain female talent. Our community of over 25,000 working mothers gives us a unique vantage point which we are able use in our research, and we blend this with qualitative research. Our reports make recommendations that have a positive impact and are tailored to your budget.

Click here for our latest report into Life As A Working Mother  in 2023.

HR Policy writing

We write clear, simple HR policies that demonstrate your commitment to your employees when they need it most. And as an employer we give you the confidence that you are complying with latest HR legislation which is especially helpful for SMEs who may have very small HR & Legal teams but still want to attract and retain top talent. Having policies that cover these kinds of areas matter to employees:

  • Maternity & parental leave
  • Maternal mental health
  • Menopause
  • Miscarriage
  • Relationship trauma
  • Neo-natal
  • Flexible working
  • Emergency family leave
  • Elder care


Education & training
We train managers to feel supported confident to have meaningful conversations with their teams. Being an empathetic leader, being aware of unconscious bias and creating a culture of support is key to ensuring parents return to work and stay.

We work with managers to set them up for success. Our training helps ensure policies are correctly interpreted and communicated by managers in a way that fits with your brand & culture.

Self-paced learning, group & 1:1 Coaching

Coaching is one of the most important interventions a new parent can have, and the data show coaching directly influences a Returner’s success, and whether they stay or leave the company. But only 20% of employers offer new parents any kind of coaching to help them transition back to work. Our diverse community of coaches offer 1:1 coaching packages or an innovative online programme that all employees can access as and when they need it and work through the programme at their own pace.

In-person community events

Our annual in-person event takes place in March each year. Without the generous support of our corporate partners the event would not be possible.

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