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Prarthana Rao

Prarthana Rao

A Self Love Coach empowering mums to balance the personal with the professional so motherhood feels spacious and you find choice, capacity and confidence to live your 'full' life.

Location: London

Year Qualified: 2017

Areas of Expertise


“As a busy working mum, juggling my own business, two boys aged 12 and 8, a husband and two dogs guilt has been a bit part of my life since becoming a mother. Guilt for working, guilt for not being 100% present, guilt for using after school clubs, you get it the list is endless, and it drove me crazy!​ I began my journey with Prarthana to tackle this guilt and strike a balance between the personal and the professional. And through the process of regular calls and letting them unfold organically we went so much deeper and the outcome for me is one of empowerment. She gave me the confidence to enforce new found boundaries with compassion and confidence. With Prarthana's support, I created new boundaries and worked through my fears. I soothed and healed my wound of lost identify as a result of motherhood. Prarthana is a thinking partner and makes you feel at ease and listened to. I loved how she interpreted my body language, how she called me to account and helped me to unpick my narrative and to be confident in a new one. Every Mum should have an independent thinking partner like Prarthana.”


“I was a little nervous about 1:1 coaching, because I shy away from being the focus of conversation. And yet I felt really safe and truly held from the very first moment with Prarthana. She started each session with a relaxing meditation which left me blissful, grounded and ready to speak what was on my mind. I love Prarthana’s holistic and caring approach. She helped me find answers to problems I was facing, blocks that were blocking my growth and showing up in my relationships. I had no idea the answers were there all along, I just needed a skilled listener like Prarthana to help me along the way. Thanks to her coaching I rewrote my relationships with boundaries, time keeping, social expectations and, by extension, myself. I can’t recommend Prarthana's coaching enough, she is such a transformational presence I hope everyone has the chance to work with!”


“With Prarthana's support I began to delve into the inner workings of my being. I am so grateful for these sessions as she created a really safe space, challenging me and supporting me alongside. I came away with a really clear goal and an understanding of areas I need to dig deeper. She was able to mediate my thought process with no judgement and I felt empowered to create and access tools that I can reach for as and when the need arises. This work is so sacred and so incredibly important as the more aware I am of myself, the more love and understanding I can give myself. Thank you Prarthana"


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    Coaching Qualifications

    • An ICF Trained Coach
    • Certificate in TA 101
    • Working towards an ACC qualification
    • Mentor Coach supporting aspiring coaches

    Professional Background

    In my past life, I worked in PR, communications and branding within the healthcare and charity sector.

    What drew you to coaching?

    Hello I’m Prarthana – A Maverick Mum, a Self Love Coach, a Speaker and a Guide who will empower you to give others the same love, respect and affection you give to everyone else. 


    A trained professional with a suite of varied experience, I’m committed to encouraging you to unsubscribe from the guilty mothers’ narrative, prioritise your dreams and put yourself first, unapologetically.

    Having been through multiple devastating miscarriages and a soul crushing redundancy whilst on maternity leave, I know a thing or two about feeling invisible, living in the shadows and drowning in not-enoughness. 

    Today, the women in my world recognise mum guilt as a construct of patriarchy keeping them feeling small, stuck and unworthy. They are committed to challenging the status quo and living their juiciest life. They know that the longest relationship they will ever have is with themselves and know how to make it count. 

    Born and raised in India, I now live in London with my husband and two beautiful daughters and supporting women to step into their juicy, ‘not-just-a-mum’ phase gives me delicious all-body tingles. 

    Consider this your invitation to start living your biggest, bravest life yet. The children are watching!

    Fee Structure

    One off 90min session – £333

    One 90min introductory session + 6x 60min sessions – £1499

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