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We help employers to retain talent and women to have brilliant careers

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TAMSIN Williamson
Tamsin Williamson,
Life & Mindset Coach
Rachel Loynes, Community Member
Rachel Loynes,
Community Member
Ayesha Murray
Ayesha Murray,
Career Coach
Janine Esbrand
Janine Esbrand,
Career Coach
Camilla Preece, Community Managers
Camilla Preece,
Community Manager
Melissa Wing, Community Member
Melissa Priest,
Community Member
Hannah Porteous-Butler
Hannah Porteous-Butler, Parent & Maternity Coach
Jane McKenna
Jane McKenna,
Career Coach
Anna Orenstein-Cardona,
Financial Coach
Nerice Gietel
Nerice Gietel,
Career Coach
Heather Rutherford blog feb
Heather Rutherford,
Parenting Coach
Gehad Mursi
Gehad Mursi,
Life Coach
Community Manager
Marina Conceicao,
Community Manager
Jo Williams
Jo Williams,
Life Coach
Rachel Childs
Rachel Childs,
Couples Coach
Shirley McLellan
Shirley McLellan,
Writing Consultant
Ainsley Keller
Ainsley Keller, Coach for Step parents
Laura Walker, Community Member
Laura Walker,
Community Member
Mary Doyle seated by Yahoo Japan
Mary Doyle,
Career & Life Coach
Lorna Stenson, Community Member
Lorna Stenson,
Community Member
Sarah Conlon, community member
Sarah Conlon,
Community Member
Harsha Basu, Community Member
Harsha Basu,
Community Member
Nasima Begum
Nasima Begum,
Life Coach
Community Manager
Fiona Naylor,
Community Manager
Krishma Patel
Krishma Patel,
Community Manager

We help employers to retain talent and women to have brilliant careers

Coaching programmes
Manager training
DEI Support

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Could you connect me with a Coach working with neurodiverse people?  I was recently diagnosed and I need some help figuring out whether I should do something else with my career.


AC, Careering into Motherhood Member

I would love to be connected with a coach who could help me navigate what I want to do with my career when I return to work. My real challenge is to find something interesting that I enjoy, pays enough, and is compatible with family life! I work for a large firm and would like to change roles and stay within my organisation.


RP, Careering into Motherhood Member 

I’m a member of your community which I always find incredibly helpful so first of all, thank you!  I’m stuck in a bit of a rut, I have been at the same company for many years now. I have a baby and would quite like a new job and maybe even a new career but I would also like a second child in the next year or two. I feel trapped where I am now so I wondered if you could recommend a career coach?


FH, Careering into Motherhood Member

Could you recommend a couple of coaches who could guide me through my career change please? And I want to say thank you for all you are doing for working mums, your platform is so helpful. I have loved all the podcasts – so empowering and interesting to hear different personalities and styles of coaching.


SK, Careering into Motherhood Member