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Ellie English

Ellie English

ICF and Co-Active certified coach empowering mothers to thrive through sustained mindset transformation. Thereby reducing the mental load, authentically rebalancing your life, and strengthening relationships from the inside- out.

Location: Worldwide: Munich

Year Qualified: 2023

Areas of Expertise


Ellie is an exceptional coach. She is wise, empathetic, and incredibly professional. Thank to our coaching sessions I stopped "playing small", became more confident, and felt empowered to take action. Her coaching is so powerful and simply priceless!

Karina, HR Professional, Novartis

I turned to coaching as I had come to a dead end in my career. This is where I met Ellie. I wasn't naive to expect a magic bullet however was expecting a solution, a result. Ellie soon made me realise how this funk in my work life was not only impacting on my finances, but my relationships, my health, and my overall happiness. For the first time I felt heard and listened to. As simple as it may seem this was what was missing. Ellie made me realise that my being stuck was coming from deep within, a fear to move on and a lack of confidence. I wasn't being true to myself and wasn't supporting my true values and beliefs in my current job. Ellie gave me more than a solution, she helped me see what the underlying problem was. With her careful, listening, her tough love and homework, yes homework, I've been given tools to help me work through my problems with more confidence and a clearer path. I know there will be set-backs moving forward but I now have a better understanding of me, the person, not me a person unhappy in her job and I can better deal with what comes my way. This I credit to the amazing Ellie and I will be forever grateful. I look forward to working with you again when I hit the next fork in the road.

Vesna, Compliance professional, NHS

Working with Ellie helps me evolve as a person and professional. Ellie brings her passion, empathy and sharp thinking in every topic we explore. As a seasoned professional who lived in different continents, Ellie has deep understanding of diversity of thought and culture, which makes her engage in our conversations with openness, curiosity and enthusiasm. Through our coaching Ellie supports me in understanding my inner drivers. This helps me in my pursuit to lead authentically while finding the right balance at all areas of my life.

Liza, Senior digital transformation professional, Deloitte

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
    • Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coaching Federation (ACC)
    • Organisational Relationship Systems Coaching fundamentals (ORSC)
    • Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) accredited practitioner
    • Positive Intelligence trained practitioner
    • Neuroscience, Consciousness and Transformational Coaching Certification Program, Be Above Leadership (In progress)
    • Marshall Goldsmith's Coaching Collection

    Professional Background

    Alongside a graduate diploma in marketing and an Executive MBA, I spent 18 years working in the organisational transformation space across the start-up, corporate, government and not-for-profit industries.

    13 of these years were spent in the corporate world working in individual contributor and leadership roles in the marketing, product, and customer experience facets of transformation. The key thread to this experience was understanding how individual motivations, identities and beliefs would impact the change from an inside out perspective. For example, many organisations think about change from an outside-in perspective, such as focusing on a comms, training and people plan as the starting point, rather than trying to understand the change from the inside out, such as understanding the people, their motivations, identities and values first.

    5 years prior to becoming a coach, I co-founded and led a successful customer-centric transformation company where we consulted, coached, and trained start-ups, medium and large organisations on leading customer-centric transformations, such as customer experience reviews, strategy development, change management strategies and cultural transformations.

    My collective career experience gave me the lived and trained experience in understanding how employees and essentially human beings are intrinsically motivated, what they need to be intrinsically onboard with the change, the need to speak up in an authentic way to feel like they are being heard and valued and how only understanding these things can win the hearts and minds of the people.

    As a systemic thinker, who is also very passionate about understanding the complexity behind and supporting how individuals and teams thrive, this was a key part of why I retrained to become a coach.

    What drew you to coaching?

    I have always been very passionate about transformation, which began during my childhood, when I lost my mother a week before starting secondary school. This lived experience triggered curiosity and longing in me to understand how people grow and adapt to their chaotic surroundings and how to support people to overcome these challenges.

    From here transformation was a key anchor in my life, demonstrated through my love of travelling and various roles in organisational transformation both from an employee and an entrepreneur perspective.

    Whilst my professional coaching career journey began in 2017, it wasn’t officially a primary focus until during the pandemic.

    Where I underwent a personal transformation in response to moving continents, having a baby, getting diagnosed with skin cancer and trying to figure out who I was with these two new identities. I was lucky to have a great coach that gave me some useful tools to look within myself and provided some transformative insightful moments.

    What was missing for me was the next part to really help manage and sustain my ongoing emotional and mental well-being to really thrive as a mother, in my relationships and in my career. 

    This is because sustained transformational change requires 20%* insight and 80% mindset muscle building due to insights alone not being able to counter years of societal conditioning and negative self-talk.

    I really enjoy working with mothers to see them transform in each aspect of their lives and the happiness and positivity that this brings to them.

    Fee Structure

    I offer bespoke individual coaching programs ranging from 150-900

    I also offer group mindset accelerator coaching programs ranging from 949

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