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Dana Stevens

Dana Stevens

Thinking about changing careers? I can help you get clear on your next career move and build up your confidence so that you can start taking action.

Location: Essex, London

Year Qualified: 2021

Areas of Expertise


Dana has transformed my life by transforming the way I approach problems, challenges and opportunities. At the start of 2022, I was stressed, unhappy, and unfulfilled, but working too many hours to know how to make a change. Over the course of 12 weeks, she helped me gain clarity on how I wanted to spend my waking life. At the age of 48, I started my masters in digital art at Central Saint Martins among 27 fellow artists from around the world. On the first day, the course instructor asked us to think of three words to describe how we felt. Mine: Different. Ready. Alive. I feel more myself, more confident, more happy than I honestly have ever been. She's one of the most active listeners I've ever met and unearths truths and insights that enable you to progress from session to session. The whole experience massively exceeded my expectations and I haven't stopped talking about it and recommending Dana since!

Shirin Majid, Multidisciplinary Creative Director & Artist, Everything You See Here

Before I started coaching I was suffering burn out and was stuck, angry and broken. It's been life changing. I've learnt so much about myself and have the tools to help me live and work in a way that serves me. I feel the way I used to. I'm positive and excited about the future and so much more present. Dana’s style of coaching was perfect for me - guided, supportive, gentle and insightful. I loved the step by step process. Going back to the foundations looking at values and purpose, and building on that. By the time it came to focus on my limiting beliefs - these had started to crystalise from the work that had gone before.

Aruna Rowling, Former Founder Narrative Design now creating her own branding agency

Before working with Dana, I had found myself in a state of desperation to change the situation I was in but locked in a state of inaction where I felt like I didn't have the tools to help me out of that place. I feel like so much has changed. I feel committed to getting the most out of life by sharing my whole self and feel more embodied and intentional in my actions. Dana's coaching style puts you in conversation with one another in a way that helped me reach the root of my challenges and gave me methods and tools to change my mindset. It's shifted everything for me and I wish I had done it sooner and could do it 10 times over! I've never felt stronger in myself, my abilities and my right to take up space and excel in my career.

Pippa Hogg, Creative and Head of Studio

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • ICF Certified Life Coach Training with The Clique

    Professional Background

    Coaching is actually my third successful career which means I really know what you’re going through if you’re thinking of changing careers.

    In my most recent role as Head of Strategy at a busy London advertising agency I was juggling the demands of the job with bringing up two young boys and struggling to find any time for myself.

    While I was “successful”, I felt that the personal  cost to sustain it was just too great and I didn’t like the stressed out person I had become.

    So I spent time really exploring what I wanted at this stage in my life and I redefined what success means for me.


    Crucially, working on my mindset allowed me to see that I was the one who held the real power to change the direction of my life and it was all entirely possible.


    Learning to manage my mind allowed me to retrain and take the big scary leap to quit my job after 18 years in corporate and start my own business. 

    And  now I have consciously created a life where I feel fulfilled and happy.


    The best thing is that I finally feel like myself.

    And it wasn’t the first time I had changed direction. Before working in advertising, I had been a Radio Producer at the BBC which had been a long-held dream of mine. And it took a lot of soul searching, and ultimately courage, to admit it when that ’dream job’ was no longer right. I understand what it takes to face up to the fears you might have about creating a new dream and then making it happen.


    I now coach professional women to create positive changes in their own lives.

    For some, that means a radical rethink of their career or a total reinvention of themselves. For others that might be getting a promotion or applying for a new job. For everyone, it is about giving women the confidence to intentionally design and create a life that works for them.

    What drew you to coaching?

    Coaching changed my life. It might sound over the top but it’s true. Understanding the power of managing my own mind has been absolutely critical in helping me create a new working life for myself. And the best thing is that I get to help others do the same.

    When you get messages from clients saying that you have helped them change their own lives and feel happier than they have in years, there really is no better feeling.

    I have always been passionate about helping women excel in the workplace and coaching enables me to do that in a direct way. Lack of self-belief and confidence is the biggest thing that holds women back and I’ve seen that, not only with my own clients, but during my corporate career as well. And I can help.

    Coaching enables me to share practical tools and techniques to help you manage your mind and trust yourself so that you can confidently start taking action.

    I use a structured approach to help you get clear on where you want to go, learn how to overcome what is holding you back and develop the confidence to start taking action to create the life you really want.

    Fee Structure

    12 Week Career Change Programme 3 x instalments of £638 or £1882 pay in full

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