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Rebecca Amin

Rebecca Amin

Supporting female service-based business owners who have outgrown their existing niche or business model, to get clarity on their 'what next?', reach their next level of success and feel excited to show up in their business again now and long into the future!

Location: Epsom, Surrey

Year Qualified: 2018

Areas of Expertise


After thinking about it for a couple of years, I finally bit the bullet and invested in myself with a programme of coaching with Rebecca. I chose her after her thoughtful and considered reply to a question I asked on a forum really resonated. We gelled immediately and I felt very comfortable and safe within our sessions. Rebecca provided a simple but effective framework and gently held me to account with the self-reflection exercises. The process really shone a light on what I probably had always known, but it gave me the clarity and the nudge to take action. I’m delighted to say I’ve made significant changes to my life and career off the back of it, feeling like I’m now back in control, rather than the hamster wheel many of us stay stuck on. If you are committed and prepared to put in the work, I can’t recommend Rebecca’s programmes highly enough. It was truly transformative for me! Thanks Rebecca. ​

Kelly Keating, change leader

If you need help to structure your chaos, I can highly recommend Becky. She has been an excellent career coach, guiding me from uncertainty and ambiguity about my future to a feeling of calm and control. With her contagious cheerful personality, she immediately invites the optimist in you to come out and explore the many options you didn't realise you had. Then, with her sharp and thorough analysis, she guides you towards clarity and actionable steps. If you're looking for a career coach (regardless of your gender or family composition), don't wait, just reach out to Becky! ​

Bat-el Berger, finance and operations professional

When I started working with Rebecca, I felt stuck in my job search, lacking confidence to get out of my comfort zone and starting to doubt my own abilities. She made me feel at ease straight away and created a safe space for me to get unstuck. Rebecca is so personable, funny and insightful; she cares about her clients and genuinely wants them to succeed, I could feel that immediately. She's been there herself, being stuck in a career that was no longer inspiring and that gives her an edge and a level of insight into the situation that no coaching training can give you. She's super flexible in her approach and will create a tailored coaching programme to your specific circumstances and what you really need. I can only recommend her, she's brilliant!

Francesca Gioia, talent acquisition

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • BSc Psychology, University of Wolverhampton
    • Core Coaching Skills Training, Career Counselling Service

    Professional Background

    After completing my psychology degree, I entered the corporate world. After spending four years in recruitment agencies, I transitioned ‘in-house’. I spent 14 years working for Alexander Mann Solutions (AMS), a world-leading recruitment process outsourcing company. I had the opportunitiy to work in numerous organisations, including Deloitte, 3i and Credit Suisse.

    After having my children I transitioned internally – taking a senior manager role programme managing the set up of new clients within AMS. I therefore developed not only my commercial competencies and an in-depth understanding of the corporate world, but also my people development skills. I purposely navigated myself into a role primarily focused on leading teams and nurturing their growth. I was also involved in the internal mentoring programme operating across AMS.

    What drew you to coaching?

    After having my children in 2013 and 2015, I found my priorities, values and motivations had changed. There was nothing wrong with the company I worked for or the role I had, but it no longer lit me up. I felt lost, confused, angry and even resentful. How had I worked so hard to get to this point in my career and then not be happy?

    I personally had some coaching which allowed me to see that, at that stage, Career Coaching was the perfect career for me to move into.

    Given my personal experiences as a working mum, I initially focussed on helping parents who, having returned after having children, found themselves at a crossroads; who were unhappy in their careers but couldn’t see what to do or where to go next in order to be happy in their careers again. What I noticed was many of women in this position ended up starting their own businesses.

    When the time time for me to evolve by established Coaching business, shifting to support these women who have taken the plunge, built a viable business but are now wondering “What next? How do I ensure this is sustainable, continues to light me up and ensures I keep the fire burning long into the future?”, was the obvious next step.

    The thing I love most about this space is seeing my clients go from starting to stagnate a little in their business, feeling like the fire has gone out a little, get back to feeling excited for the future! The fact they are excited again to show up in their business now and for the years ahead. I love that, through working with me, they know what will motivate them, ensure they continue to feel excited and pleasantly challenged, that they have a vision and a plan to make it all happen.

    Nothing fills me with more job satisfaction than receiving a message from a client telling me they met a milestone we worked on together and they have reached that next level in their success!

    Fee Structure

    Evolve programme – Helping women in service-based businesses evolve themselves and their offering so they are excited to show up now and long into the future. 6 month programme £3,450 (payment plan available).
    Relight my Fire – Intensive 3 hours across 2 sessions programme to kickstart your “what what?” thinking and action in your business. £595
    Connect-Working – Join myself and other like-minded business owners for a networking session where I guarantee you will leave every time with something tangible and helpful! £17 per session
    Other bespoke programmes available – prices matched to requirements

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