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Sue Payne

Sue Payne

A Life, Business and Career coach with 20 years experience working with individuals in marketing, design, financial and professional services. I am passionate about helping mothers navigate a career where they are confident and happy.

Location: London

Year Qualified: 2021

Areas of Expertise


Coaching with mentoring is such a great combination. With a career and two small children I need some quick wins as well as the space and time to unleash my full potential.

Changing Career – Cleveland, Ohio, USA

I thought I was going mad and I had reached the end of my professional career until I realised I was going through the menopause…thank you Sue.

Senior Executive – London

With Support from Sue, I worked out what was important to me and what I was really good at. This gave me the confidence to push my role in the direction that best suited me and ultimately the company.

Returning to work Mother – London

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • ILM Effective coaching
    • APMG International -Change management practitioner

    Professional Background

    Prior to becoming a business & leadership coach, I held board positions with companies in the creative industry as well as in the world of financial services. I was the COO of a digital and direct agency called Rapier, starting there as a junior executive. I am proud to say in 17 years we grew it from a company with a turnover of £2million and 30 employees to 110 employees and a turnover of £16million -successful agencies are all about the people.

    Rapier was an amazing experience for me working with different skill sets, nurturing talent and producing some award-winning creative work Brands like Virgin media, AA, Yell, Vitality, Vodafone to name but a few. I left Rapier in 2013 and joined AXA Direct Protection, a European arm of AXA. As CMO I set up a digital insurance offering across Europe. I was responsible for an annual budget of £20 million euros and launched in 5 European countries. I was based in Paris but commuted from London weekly as I had a family – a husband and two teenage girls living in the UK. Again, the experience was amazing and like Rapier success was driven by the people we recruited, lead and managed.

    In 2016 I set up my own company, ENYAP consulting. A consultancy set up to support small to medium sized businesses who were looking to both protect and grow. I believed the experience I had gained throughout my career and having a good understanding of the different operating business models that exist in the world I would have something to offer. I worked across a variety of industries from interior design, telco, professional services, financial services and of course agencies. However, the one thing that unites them all is people and people management. Recognising this and noticing more women were leaving the work force at certain stages of their life I decided I wanted to focus more of my efforts on changing this. I became a coach and mentor in 2021 and have never felt more satisfied in the career path I am now taking.

    What drew you to coaching?

    I have always believed the success of any business is driven by its people – understanding, nurturing, managing and leading them. A great leader will always want to develop their employees to get the best for and from them. Appreciating how important this is, noticing a shift in more businesses focusing on numbers rather than people, along with an observation that at certain life stages women seem to leave the work place I felt the need to address this imbalance. Whilst not professional trained my management of people had always taken the form of a  coaching style. I am also of an age where I have been through some key life stages at work, returning after having a baby, being peri menopause, setting up my own business. I had experiences I could share. So, in 2021 I decided to get a coaching qualification and become a business coach and mentor. I call myself a coach and mentor because as busy working women we sometimes need quick win solutions  I love what I do, the impact of encouraging someone to reflect back on who they are and the strengths they hold is beyond satisfying -for both me and the coachee.

    Fee Structure

    After a free consultation, If you are comfortable working with me we will agree an approach bespoke to your personal needs. Most clients initially commit to a minimum of 6 hours coaching and mentoring over a 2 month timeframe. However, I am also happy to work on shorter or longer timeframes as long as I believe the time and regularity will deliver the growth and support you are looking for.

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