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Careering into Motherhood is a highly engaged online community of over 20,000 mothers who are united in wanting a fulfilling career. We know that motherhood and career ambition can happily co-exist, but it isn’t easy which is why we believe coaching for women is the answer.

That’s where you come in.

We partner with talented coaches who want to help women to have successful careers. We also want to help you as independent, female business owners, to be successful. We understand that building your business, especially online isn’t easy. Social media is a crowded place and as a coach, your time is best spent coaching, not searching for an audience.

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The Partnership Programme includes:

Promotion of your business and access to our audience of over 20,000 mums

Membership to a diverse cohort of 60 female Coaches, with a range of different expertise for advice & business support

A 12-month guided programme of Business Development & Marketing, including access to a Business Coach every three months

Help to build your own content library including the creation of an online webinar that will bring you new email leads each month

Opportunity to attend in-person events, organised for you with potential clients

We have a small number of places coming available soon, so if you’d like to join us don’t miss out, download the brochure today.

“I would highly recommend becoming a Partner Coach with Careering into Motherhood. As a career coach, I have already gained three new clients through my links with the platform.

This is such a worthwhile investment: being able to share so many tools and resources with so many people is priceless. I know the power of the platform and the brand will lead to future clients. I’ve had great results so far and can’t wait to see what 2022 brings!”

Amy Shepherd, organisational psychologist and career coach