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Tamsin Williamson

Tamsin Williamson

Transformational life and mindset coach empowering ambitious but unfulfilled mums to reconnect with their passion, purpose and potential, so they can rule life while raising kids unapologetically on their terms

Location: London

Year Qualified: 2020

Areas of Expertise


"Tamsin is worth her weight in gold. I started coaching feeling totally lost and desperate and have come out feeling confident, strong and capable. Tamsin’s style was very nurturing and she really took my starting point, mood and thoughts into consideration and I never felt belittled, always felt empowered and motivated, encouraged. I now feel 100 times more optimistic about what’s next for me. I’ve got huge amounts of clarity about what is important to me and I am confident about how my working life could be, with juggling kids, general life and mental and physical health. I would recommend Tamsin and her coaching style to anyone who wants a warm, supportive, empowering coach.”

June, mum of two

"When I met Tamsin, I was extremely low in confidence and felt I’d lost myself. Self-care had taken a complete back seat and I was basically hurting myself by putting myself last. I wasn’t sure how to tackle things and Tamsin supported and empowered me to make those changes. She is very easy to talk to and really listened to me. I was so pleased she took the role of 'cheerleader' seriously as I felt like there was no one there believing in me, listening to me or pushing me to make changes. Thanks to coaching, I was able to leave my job with my head held high and really tackle my feelings in a positive way. I found a role that ticked boxes I never even realised existed. I have also completely shifted my priorities in my life and have started to put myself first without guilt. I am a totally different person to when we first met."

Emilia, working mum of two

"I was so scared to leave the stability of my corporate job, but seven months down the line, I now work for myself and I’m flooded with work! I feel so much more confident and love the flexibility. I’ve found a way for my work to compliment the way I want to live. I am my own boss and dictate my own hours around family time, and I’ve learnt how important quiet time is and how to listen to my mind and body to lean into what I need. Tamsin’s outlook has been unreal. She’s realistic, inquisitive, and intuitive. And I feel totally comfortable opening up about hard issues, and never feel judged."

Tamara, self-employed mum of two

"Tamsin has the experience to know that just one approach will not work for all, and she worked with me to find the best way forward for me. Looking back, the best way to explain it, is that Tamsin helped me to ‘tune in’ to me again. Like the channels were there, I just needed her help and guidance to see them for myself. Two years on and I’m still using the tools she showed me, to keep myself tuned in."

Nikki, Mum and Business

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Diploma in Transformational Coaching (Animas )
    • Certified Ten of Zen Mindfulness Teacher
    • NLP Practitioner

    Professional Background

    Before becoming a coach, my background was in the marketing and events world. I worked for a variety businesses, both in-house and agency side. I was in my last role for 7.5 years, project managing high profile experiential and promotional campaigns for large FMCG brands. I made it to director level, was working on ‘sexy’ projects and worked in a fun environment with lovely colleagues. On paper it all looked dandy!

    But when I became a mum, suddenly everything stopped making sense. Motherhood (for all its wonders!) threw life completely off kilter and my world suddenly felt in major conflict with my new life as a mum.

    I didn’t recognise myself, and found myself stuck in a massive, disillusioned rut with loads of unanswered questions and zero clarity about what to do about it.

    I tried to muddle through for a while, but I’d lost my mojo and felt like a half-baked version of myself at home and at work which did nothing for my self-esteem or happiness.

    After having my second baby, I realised something had to give. So I took the plunge, invested in myself and started work with a life coach where I tuned into my aspirations, strengthened my self-belief and visualised the life I wanted to live: a life where I could feel professional fulfilment, personal freedom and balance in life as a parent, all at once.

    Coaching enabled me to re-order the jumbled pieces of my ‘life puzzle’ and helped me believe that I could dream bigger. It encouraged me to think for myself, tune into my instincts and listen to my gut. And the answers to my questions came from ME which was ridiculously empowering!

    The impact of my coaching experience was so profound that I decided to re-train as a life coach myself! And here I am now, running a business that I feel passionately about and living a life that allows me to be a more present parent, my own boss and the best version of myself.

    What drew you to coaching?

    In my eyes, nobody should have to settle for a life that doesn’t match who they really feel they are on the inside. And yet, way too many mums put their needs and desires last, and spend endless time and energy showing up for others at the expense of themselves.

    My mission as a coach is to support and empower women to stop hiding in the shadows and step into the spotlight so they can really feel, and be seen. And most importantly, so they can see themselves in all their beautiful and unique glory.

    I love guiding mums to peel back the deeply ingrained layers of conditioning and self-doubt, silence their inner critic and reconnect with their magic to create a life on their terms, playing by their rules while maintaining their integrity as a parent.

    We don’t have to pit motherhood up against having a happy, fulfilling life for ourselves. What an unfair decision to make!

    I believe motherhood is an amazing and powerful enabler. And I want to help women celebrate the awesomeness that motherhood has unlocked in them rather than feeling it made them fade away.

    My work is an invitation to mums to unapologetically take up space in the world, feeling they are worthy, deserving and special in their own right and in their role as a parent.

    And I want to help as many mums as I can to stop settling so they can grab that version of life with their whole authentic selves.

    Fee Structure

    I support my clients in a variety of ways to suit different budgets and circumstances.


    My 3+ month signature 1:1 coaching programme for ambitious but unfulfilled mums who have lost their grasp on who they are and where they’re heading in life since becoming a parent. Together we’ll go on a holistic journey of self-evolution and empowerment to create a ‘you-shaped’ life on your terms that works in harmony with parenthood

    Price: £1,125 (or 3 x monthly instalments of £375)


    An intensive 1:1 hybrid coaching and mentorship experience for mums on their self-employment journey. Over five months, you’ll be empowered to create a thriving, aligned business and life that you LOVE that honours your whole self and works in harmony with parenthood (rather than in conflict).

    Price: £2,400 (or 5 x monthly instalments of £480)


    A powerful one-off coaching experience that will give you an injection of clarity, motivation and accountability if you’re feeling stuck. It’s perfect if you need support navigating a specific decision or challenge or if you’d like to get a taste of what coaching with me is like but aren’t ready to commit to a full programme.

    Price: £190


    The podcast that celebrates EVERY version of Motherhood, unapologetically. Join today to get your inspiration to be yourself.

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