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Flo Bayley

Flo Bayley

Coaching realises the true value of what you already possess. Just imagine being able to express yourself with confidence, clarity and wit. That’s what I can help you achieve.

Location: London

Year Qualified: 2023

Areas of Expertise


“Flo has shown this sceptic how valuable it can be to spend time with a coach. It is such a gift to have someone who will simply listen and then ask you to say more, or go deeper, or ask questions to get you thinking from a new perspective. Flo has a talent for pointing out connections in your thoughts and ideas that you hadn't seen before, and asking you the kinds of questions that help you to work out your own solution to the issue or topic on which you've been dwelling. I find it very easy to share my honest thoughts with her, which betters our conversations. She is delightful to speak with, and a lovely person. Thank you, Flo!”

Stephanie: wanted to get back to work after two children, found way to integrate existing network to prepare and retrain.

“I absolutely loved working with Flo for around 6 or so weeks, and can’t believe how much confidence I grew and how far I came in that short time. It was really easy to work with Flo and after each session I felt equipped with next steps and actions to take my goals forward and drive progress. Flo was kind, considerate, and provided really helpful challenge to overcome patterns that I had fallen into and allowed me to change my mindset more and more with each session”

Georgia: wanted to move up in organisation, overcome reluctance to apply for new posts, saw success and new position which she'd thought beyond her grasp.

“Flo had mentored my business from the very beginning. As a start-up, it’s intimidating to handle so many things alone, she was the grounded advice and authority on style my business, and I, needed ”

Louisa. New product to market.

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Accredited Diploma in Transformative Coaching from Animas Centre for Coaching.
    • Member of the International Coaching Federation

    Professional Background

    I studied graphics at London College of Printing and immediately joined Conran Associates, then London’s leading design consultancy.  I rose to be creative head of the graphics department before setting-up my own studio which still runs today. At Conran, I learnt about the business realities of design.  But I found that these were not an impediment to creativity.  On the contrary, they were a stimulus to it.  A tight brief is a bonus to a creative mind and so too is a tight budget. I was involved in both pitching for new business and creating graphic identities for some of the country’s outstanding businesses, including Mothercare and Next, as well as The Conran Shop itself.  Terence Conran was hugely motivating, while also being a hard – and sometimes capricious – task-master.  Working closely and successfully for the best-known designer taught me lessons in life as well as business and art which I brought to my own studio. 

    My personal style as a designer depends on insight, in having the patience to interrogate a business in order to express its personality with economy, purpose and, if at all possible, wit.

    My own studio has created some of the most familiar packaging found in shops and supermarkets: my clients have included Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Boots.  But I also enjoy working with smaller specialist businesses, including the perfumers Penhaligon’s and Lyn Harris.  Food is a special interest, indeed a passion, and I was fortunate to be able to combine business with pleasure in designing and illustrating some of the most influential cookbooks of recent years, notably those by Antonio Carluccio, Delia Smith and Anna del Conte.  My illustrations for Simon Hopkinson’s Roast Chicken and Other Storis helped make it what Food Illustrated called the most influential cookbook of the past half century.

    What drew you to coaching?

    Coaching is not a departure from designing.  It’s simply an extension of the same sensibility into the human area.  I want to understand my clients so I can help them express themselves with style.  But that’s not style at the expense of purpose: in a well-designed object, style and purpose are indistinguishable.  And it’s exactly the same with people: there should not be a disguised or secret interior self.  You should present yourself exactly as you are: everything you say or do should express your personality.  I can help that expression. 

    Charm and wit, I believe, are not frivolous commodities, but essential and important ones.  But there is confidence too.  And this is self-perpetuating: acquire a little confidence and you will soon have more!  This demands personal effort, but I make the process not at all onerous.  I will be disappointed if my clients do not feel excited and energised after our sessions.  That’s certainly my intention. 

    I enjoy this coaching process and I want my clients to enjoy it too.  It’s an engaging and inspiring conversation, not a wrestling match.  Someone once said design is intelligence made visible.  And that applies to coaching too.  But it’s also about good sense and confidence being visible as well.

    Fee Structure

    Free discovery call, half an hour.
    then recommended course of 6 hours over 2/3 months:
    Corporate £200/hour.
    Private £125/hour.
    One off private session £175/hour.
    More information on my website