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Emily Bal

Emily Bal

Confidence coach helping midlifers get unstuck and realise how extraordinary they are so they take control and create positive change in their lives and careers

Location: London

Year Qualified: 2018

Areas of Expertise


I started working with Emily after being made redundant. Having lost that role, which I felt defined me, things had turned upside down and I was left feeling professionally lost and emotional. From day one, Emily encouraged me to think hard about what I actually wanted and what was under my control. Together we structured an action plan and I moved towards something even better than I had before. As a result, I have flipped my career to working on my own terms as a consultant, my confidence has grown massively and her guidance has taught me so much about how to get what you want and how to take action and not stand on the sidelines. I couldn’t be more grateful - this kind of coaching is truly life changing.

Hannah, office manager to entrepreneur

In the three months of working with Emily, I've seen an evolution I could only have dreamt of. I am now fulfilling the dream I've had for years and it was Emily who helped me to see it was all possible! I'm so excited for the future - both for me and my family! It's absolutely true when she describes herself as your biggest cheerleader - she breathes belief into you! Working with Emily has led me to the biggest transformation in my life to date. I can't wait to see what's to come next - thank you so much Emily!

Jane, management consultant to interior designer

I spent a year being coached by Emily during a period of significant career growth whereby I was promoted to Senior Director, took on a new team and was identified as a future C-Suite candidate. My confidence in my management style improved due to our sessions whereby I was able to understand my own strengths with more clarity. Also, I found my stress levels reduced as, by working with Emily, I was able to more clearly define which work factors were either inside or outside of my control. I found this reduced my tendency to ruminate on issues outside of work hours and improved my structured thinking overall. Emily was a great support to me in a safe environment, allowing me to explore my goals and career aspirations. I found it enormously beneficial and highly recommend to others seeking career confidence and support.

Steph, senior director in FinTech startup

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Personal Performance Diploma, The Coaching Academy, Pass with Distinction
    • Colour Analysis Online Diploma, London College of Style, Pass with Distinction

    Professional Background

    Before coaching, I spent 17 years in fundraising, marketing and communications roles before finding my true strength in managing multi-faceted creative teams. As Head of Creative at the Fairtrade Foundation, I was responsible for leading and inspiring the cross functional in-house team of graphic designers, copywriters and print managers. The role involved driving excellence in the creative process and bringing creative strategy alive whilst acting as brand guardian and continually redefining the Foundation’s creative boundaries.

    Throughout my career I have always been fascinated by the people within organisations. We all have different motivations for working and in order to create a culture of growth and success in a business, it is essential that everyone feels that their contribution is valued. This is why I have now focused on coaching to help individuals realise their full potential.

    Qualifying with a distinction from The Coaching Academy simply reinforced that I had found my true vocation.

    What drew you to coaching?

    When I was new to line management, I went on a short coaching course and came away inspired, putting it all into practice the very next day. The impact was immediate. I was also lucky to experience brilliant maternity coaching first hand. And so, in 2016 after redundancy, I decided to retrain and I haven’t looked back.

    I do my best work with midlifers who are probably parents too. They either feel that life is running away from them and they want plan B but have no idea what that looks like. Or they feel completely out of balance. All the plates are spinning and could crash around them at any time. I challenge any self-doubt to ensure they know they can take control, create balance and be happy.

    I also help women who feel stuck in a rut. Together we work on mindset, confidence and identity so they can walk tall.

    As a colour analyst, I tell them which colours make them look younger and healthier and show them how to use colour to their advantage, both at work and beyond.

    I am a cheerleader and an impartial sounding board. I combine pure goal-oriented coaching along with relevant tools and exercises. I don’t tell my clients what to do but ask lots of questions and they leave each session full of energy with a clear, written plan of action.

    Fee Structure

    • 1:1 coaching: £900 for three months (at least 7 sessions) or £1,500 for six months (at least 14 sessions)

    • CV review and writing: £50 per hour with a minimum commitment of two hours

    • Colour analysis: £120 for a 1.5 hour consultation. Includes your season’s colour fan to keep and use

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