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Pamella Bisson

Pamella Bisson

I empower women to track their cycle for career success!

Location: London

Year Qualified: 2019

Areas of Expertise


"I attended a course with Pamella last April, with the intention of getting back into TV. Less than a year later, I am "bossing"" my own life, and working within the industry. I highly recommend it. Thank you for the confidence boost!"

Vlada, wanted a new job in TV

"Thank you, Pamella! The interview was a success and I was offered a job, which I will be starting on Monday! And I managed to negotiate an amazing rate and flexibility, which is all thanks to you! I would have not dreamt about doing it before, but your course gave me confidence, and I am so grateful for that."

​ Giedre, wanted a higher salary

"Pamella's coaching is the best investment I have ever made. I achieved my dream job and a higher salary. Thank you so much!"

Allia, first time mum, wanted a purposeful job

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Level 1 Period Coach with the Red School
    • Certified Emotional Freedom Therapist
    • Level 3 Certified Aromatherapist
    • Certified Nutritionist Level 1

    Professional Background

    My background is as a multimedia production manager/ producer/ executive producer across factual, sport, entertainment and drama with credits for BBC, ITV, C4, BT Sport, Sky Sports, Red Bull Media, IMG and Fremantle.

    I am a Mindful Kung Fu practitioner and currently media executive for the British Chinese Council for Martial Arts.

    What drew you to coaching?

    I founded The Boss Your Career Program to support women in their quest for full empowerment and pure abundance in their life & at work.

    “I’m on a mission to empower 1 Billion Women To Track Their Cycle For Career Success!”

    I started my period when I was 10 years old during school hours and was sent home early due to the embarrassment. I was constantly told having a period was spoken of in quiet tones, and that it was ok for others to ridicule my cycle and my feelings in their “banter”. The last straw was when I overheard a discussion between 2 professional women, looking for sanitation that was rustle free so no one would know that they were on their period!!!

    So I began my journey as a crusader, loudly asking for tampons in large corporate offices, then decided my energy was best placed understanding myself and my hormones.

    I loved my career, but I hated the career politics and I knew one day I’d love to birth a few little humans.*

    So MY REAL journey began with…

    -Many meetings booked in with myself in various international soil.

    -Over 10 years worth of cycle tracking and aligning this to my career and life schedule on my terms! *I now have a wonderful human boy and another little human on the way.

    -Level 1 Period Coach with the Red School. Supporting women to better understand their hormones.

    -Certified Emotional Freedom Therapist unlocking deep seated trauma to become confident and abundant in life and relationships.

    -Level 3 Certified Aromatherapist for deeper understanding of self healing with oils CPD accredited.

    -Certified Nutritionist Level 1 learning the science behind what we put in our bodies.

    I’m the creator of #BOSS YOUR CAREER PROGRAM, a coaching program intensive that empowers women to align their cycle to their career schedule and communicate with confidence, network effortlessly and attract career opportunities for LIFE.

    Fee Structure

    – my FREE Track you cycle for career success training video  HERE Hormonal in the workplace Masterclass 2023:
    – Join 1,000 Career Women Who Bleed. Period.
    Track Your Cycle : For Career Success is a fortnightly newsletter with science-based insights on how to track your period for career success, collaboration and free educational tools to support you on your journey.

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