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Lin Courage

Lin Courage

Life Connection Coach helping women to manage mindset & emotions so that you can create life balance & success in alignment with who you truly are.

Location: Devon

Year Qualified: 2020

Areas of Expertise


Lin provides a safe environment for you to talk openly. Taking you from your past and present to your future self. The person you always wanted to be. She gives you the ability to see the power you already have to take your own life forward. Lin is magic and will forever be my empowerment coach. Thank you so much for your time and dedication. You have helped me change my life forever.

Gemma F. Business Owner

Lin was recommended to me by a friend who'd worked with her & said she's fab! I love her calm tone. She makes me feel in control & that there is meaning in every action. She helped me find my priorities to re-align how I think about things. The biggest change has been that the cloud has gone. My husband has noticed a change in me & I feel so much more at peace.

Sarah C. Business Owner

I was constantly juggling and I found my self esteem was holding me back in really believing in myself and accepting opportunities. Over the course of our sessions, Lin listened and wasn’t judgemental at all. Through her coaching, I was able to move past so many things that were holding me back. It was like I was being shown a mirror and the things I believed were true about myself, really weren’t.

Charlotte H. Business Owner

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Certified Professional Life Coach
    • Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
    • Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming

    Professional Background

    Prior to leaving my career & subsequently setting up my coaching practice in 2020, my professional background was in sales & management with the majority of my career being within the property industry.

    In 2019 I accepted a promotion that I felt would take me back to the path that I had set out on before starting a family, but I quickly came to the realisation that this was no longer the path I desired.

    The life balance that I had worked hard to create felt unsettled & I felt at odds with who I was trying to be.

    A throw away comment about how much time I was spending with my boys tipped the balance for me & in the Summer of 2019 I decided to step away from my almost 20 year career in the property industry with the intention of spending the next academic year with my three boys before my youngest started school & my eldest started secondary school.

    I quickly began to grow a passion I have for food into a food coaching business before retraining to become a Life Coach in 2020. The unexpected & unplanned challenges, life shifts and perspective changes that the pandemic brought not only to my self that year, but the women that I was working with gave me the focus and conviction to support women to achieve their ambitions no matter what.

    I adored leading, teaching & training in my career and I love that I have been able to bring & apply these skills and passions to my coaching practice – helping my clients to uncover how they can integrate who they truly are into their life in business, relationships, motherhood, lifestyle & beyond!

    What drew you to coaching?

    My coaching journey really began back in 2015 after the birth of my youngest son. We had experienced a number of BIG life events & I realised that I wanted to find more peace & direction in my life.

    I had desire & ambition but felt blocked by the reality & busyness of my day to day & unfulfilled by my present career. I felt disconnected from who I was & pulled between my career & my desire to be present as a mum.

    I hired my first life coach to help me get clarity of what I really wanted & I soon realised that it was my own limitations & expectations that made life feel chaotic.

    The real turning point for me was seeing my eldest son use the same self deprecating language that I had been using myself, & how quickly that changed when I began to break through my own barriers.

    Our family life became calmer & more connected. My relationship with my husband became even stronger & I felt so much clearer about what I would & would not tolerate any longer.

    It is such a privilege to support other women to create that balance for themselves. To re-educate on the importance of working from the inside out – when you put YOU first, everyone benefits.

    I believe that lasting & sustainable change comes from connection with who you truly are so that you can show up authentically in all areas of your life.

    Fee Structure

    Just as you are – Life connection & direction coaching – private 1:1 coaching £825 per 6 x 60 minute sessions – every programme is bespoke to the client and your objectives
    The momentum sessions – private 1:1 accountability £495 per 3 x 90 minute session
    FREE Connection Session – meet and chat with me to discuss your requirements and design your programme

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