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Cat Tarbuck

Cat Tarbuck

I empower parents to craft a career that works with their home life, whether that be rebuilding confidence after a career break or considering a brand-new career direction.  

Location: London

Year Qualified: 2018

Areas of Expertise


Cat has been supportive, encouraging and generous with her time during my coaching sessions. There has been a big impact for me in terms of the value coaching has added to my day to day. By working with Cat I feel motivated and confident about taking my career and aspirations further. 

 Caroline, HR Senior Manager

Cat is an exceptional coach, a great listener and a strong communicator. As a mum of a two years old, I was struggling with lack of clarity over my career choices and next steps. Cat helped me to get clarity on what I exactly wanted, to feel less stuck and to start making a plan to move forward. Cat guided me through the process, helping me see many things from different angles, identifying the challenges and what motivates me. The coaching sessions have been incredibly insightful and a great opportunity both professionally and personally. I am very grateful to Cat for her guidance and I would absolutely recommend working with Cat, especially if you currently feel stuck and unsure where to go!

Sabina, Senior Manager

Kind, reassuring, encouraging. She has helped make me to become more confident and focused. Thank you Cat  

Siobhan, Healthcare Professional

Working with Cat / Work wise mama has made me feel so much better about taking maternity leave! I was panicking as a director of a small company how I’d manage: how to plan for it and manage all my thoughts and worries about it. She’s really helped me gather all of those big feelings and put them in to a functional action plan, that guided me through step by step. I couldn’t see the wood for the trees before but now I’m calm and ready for taking maternity leave! Can’t wait to re-group for phase 2 next year. Thank you so much Cat. Highly recommend.

Toni, Small Business Owner

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • MSc Occupational Psychology (2013)
    • AoEC – Coaching Diploma

    Professional Background

    I’ve been working as a Business Psychologist since 2013 and have been lucky to work in both international and small boutique consultancy firms, supporting people development for clients around the world. I was drawn to Occupational and Business Psychology by my interest in people, specifically the question ‘what makes a great day for someone at work’? and importantly, how can I use psychology to help people achieve that? During my years in consultancy I specialised in leadership development, change and transition management, and team collaboration; supporting leaders and teams to confidently work together through challenging periods.

    In 2018 I undertook a formal coaching qualification and went on to work as an in-house coach in a large multinational firm for several years. During this period, I worked with individuals and teams across the world to help them maintain their productivity and wellbeing through very turbulent conditions.

    When my son was born in 2021, I knew that the long hours and travel required in my previous role would no longer work for the life that I wanted to create. I grappled for a while with how to proceed, and whether to take the brave step to go it alone. It was hard making the decision with a brain that felt like mush, lack of sleep and fears about whether the career confidence I had previously taken for granted would ever return! This personal struggle led me to reflect on how many other new parents might be feeling the same. I also felt frustrated seeing talented women around me face unexpected difficulties trying to balance parenthood with an ambitious career – we had no idea how hard it might be!

    I realised I was passionate about helping parents to build a career that works for them, using my combined psychology and coaching experience gained over the years to do this. I now see myself as a part time business owner and coach, and a full-time mum.

    What drew you to coaching?

    I love coaching because I want to see women, and especially mothers, succeed at work and to lead happy and fulfilled lives. Sometimes it feels like the odds are stacked against working mums; the emotive decision of if, when and how to go back to work, balancing the mental load of homelife with career responsibilities, working reduced hours for reduced pay (or sometimes, working the same hours but on a 3 or 4 day contract)… the list of challenges facing working mothers goes on and on. I think working mothers deserve as much support as possible to help them manoeuvre around these challenges.

    I love working with clients to help them reach powerful ‘lightbulb moments’, and to make incremental, positive changes that lead to transformational results. I coach with complete positive regard and compassion for my clients, being a true cheerleader for them and their goals.

    I help women to utilise their own natural strengths and problem-solving capabilities, reminding them of the skills and experiences they already hold that can help with where they find themselves now. I like to help clients ‘get out of their own heads’ and think differently to understand themselves better and come up with ideas that move them forward. I help clients to:

    • Create a healthy transition, both away from work into motherhood, and then returning to work
    • Rebuild confidence after a career break
    • Negotiate and communicate their needs as a working parent
    • Make career decisions when there are so many important considerations involved

    Fee Structure

    £85 per hour/ £127.50 per session. Sessions are up to 1.5 hours. Sessions can be arranged individually or block booked for a small discount.

    I offer a number of packaged options, please contact me for more details:

    Career Transformation pack: £700

    6 coaching sessions, for anyone feeling stuck in their career and wanting to take a new direction.

    End to end maternity support: £625

    5 coaching sessions, supporting you to prepare for and transition into maternity leave, and then create a positive return to work

    Confidence booster: £380

    3 coaching sessions, designed for anyone who is struggling with low confidence and needs a boost!

    Any of my coaching sessions can be supplemented with the following psychometrics:

    • Hogan Leadership Inventory: a great tool to understand how we show up under pressure and unpick what really motivates us.
    • Strengthscope: identified our natural strengths and how we can play to them

    These are charged at cost price.

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