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Gehad Mursi

Gehad Mursi

I am a certified counsellor and coach with a passion for helping individuals reach their full potential. I use both my areas of expertise to help clients overcome their life challenges and reach their goals.

Location: Luton

Year Qualified: 2021

Areas of Expertise


"In the beginning,- even though I was seeking to get help - I didn't believe what I had was really a thing or was it just in my head as I am so used to pushing my thoughts aside and moving on. But after a session, I honestly had the most amazing experience. It's so incredible how someone just has the right words to say at the right time. For someone who strictly does not cry in front of anyone - absolutely no one - I was 99 percent about to burst into tears; good tears, tears of relief, tears of strength. With just one session, I feel an utmost burden is on the way to being lifted off my shoulders. I look forward to continuing my sessions and encouraging a healthy and happy life."

Mariam, wanting clarity of direction and setting goals

"After a long time, I’m feeling inner peace and I have started avoiding toxic people, talked my heart out with friends and improved friendships with many people. I feel more confident now, all because of Gehad’s tips - thank you for this. I recommend everyone who is suffering from anxiety, overthinking or any challenges, then Gehad is a very good counsellor to discuss your problems with."

Mark, wanting help with anxiety and relationships

"I heard about Emowave - you record yourself talking for a few minutes and then you receive a report that tells you everything you need to know about yourself. I can genuinely say it has changed the way I approach my self-improvement journey. Since applying these findings, I saw an immediate positive effect. Now when I’m feeling stressed, anxious or depressed, I am able to use healthy outlets, based on what Emowave has taught me and will bring me out of the blues. I am more aware of myself as an extrovert; it has boosted my confidence around my friends, family and even strangers. The power and surge of energy I feel now is a complete 180. I cannot stress the accuracy of Emowave. However, also to consider is the efficiency - it took about five minutes and taught me more than I’d learnt in the years I’d struggled with my self-improvement journey. I will be forever grateful to Gehad."

Amy, wanting to work on her self-development and relationships (we used Emowave, a high-tech tool I use in my counselling and coaching)

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Emowave Coaching Program, Institute of Training and Occupational Learning
    • Educational Practitioner in Personality Trait

    Professional Background

    I have been and still working as a counsellor.

    I have completed my Diploma, Degree and Masters in Counselling and Psychology.

    I have been working in the field for over a decade in the UK and abroad.

    What drew you to coaching?

    My passion in helping clients to reach their full potential. I love offering a holistic and comprehensive approach to help clients; thus, I offer both counselling and coaching to clients, depending on their needs and goals.

    Fee Structure

    £60 – £80 per hour, with 15 minutes free consultation.

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