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Ekaterina Ward

Ekaterina Ward

Mindset & Embodied Leadership Coach, supporting Mothers in Business to ⁣feel good as they raise their Energy, Income & Impact without sacrificing their own needs or precious family time.

Location: London

Year Qualified: 2012

Areas of Expertise


My day with Ekaterina was a truly special experience, I felt supported and held to make big decisions to move my business and life forward. Spending time on both the very practical aspects of business and the emotional elements of being a business-owning mother was exactly what I needed. I LOVED that I came away with a list of clear decisions and actions that I have been implementing easily and seeing increased bookings! The clarity I had, alongside a framework to move forward made it impossible not to implement! The detail and depth of our conversation still sits with me and I frequently flick back through my notes to revisit and reflect on our time together. The day gave me the opportunity to zoom out of my business and look at it from a different perspective, allowing things to become clear that were/were not working. On the day itself, I felt so special! A beautiful venue, delicious lunch, caring and kind support felt like I’d been scooped up in a warm hug which was exactly what I needed as a somewhat frazzled and overwhelmed working mum.

Tacita C, Mama’s tlc, hypnobirthing and baby massage and yoga business, VIP Day client

I have become more aware of my energy, more aware of my needs through the STEADY framework, and I have shifted a couple of negative and limiting beliefs, mainly due to some of the clean facilitations. I felt seen and heard. While we are all so different, we could all relate, and it meant I felt less alone. I realised that I am more confident and capable than I thought I was. Ekaterina’s questioning encouraged me to poke around for the answers and force myself to speak what was true and unearth what was hidden. This experience takes you on a journey of self-discovery and helps you uncover the best version of you so that you can shine personally and professionally.

Louise G, Editor, The Homeworker Magazine, participant in 'Being and Doing in Flow' Group Experience for mothers in business

I just realised that I didn’t REALLY say 'yes' to at least 80 percent of things on my to-do list. It’s like they hijacked it and I just had to keep up. I never paused to think if I wanted them or not. I felt very close to being helpless… Now I believe that I can be both a mum and a successful professional and that the previous 'self' is still there, she just needs (with some help) to come back! …Now I am focused on using my time and energy only for activities that 1) give me joy, 2) bring me income, 3) make me /my family grow. I don’t waste time and energy on thinking about other people, grudging or overthinking. I consciously move on. We're making magic together!

Trine L, 'Happy Yarn Ball', 1:1 Client

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Accredited Corporate and Executive Coach
    • Accredited Personal Performance Coach
    • Accredited NLP Practitioner
    • Certified Clean Language and Clean Space Facilitator

    Professional Background

    I am a qualified teacher and have MA in Applied Linguistics. After a short experience of teaching in my home country, Bulgaria I set out on an adventure and moved to London in my 20s.
    I fell in love with this multicultural, inspiring space, made London my home and 20 odd years on I can say that I am so proud & in love of the life I have created for myself.
    I celebrated (and still do!) every milestone: my first waitressing job to support myself as I continued my studies, followed by my first office admin job as a legal assistant and then my first corporate job in a company that matched my personal values.
    As a carbon portfolio manager, I was primarily responsible for the execution of emission transactions and portfolio management at the London offices of a New York-based market-leading emissions fund.
    This position lasted 7 years and it gave me a valuable skillset because I was involved in all aspects of the business (and I was directly mentored by our CEO) from portfolio management and executing transactions, through HR duties serving a team of 15, to office management, and towards the end as I was qualified, facilitating a lot of personal performance, corporate and executive coaching.

    Since 1999 I also lecture at the evening courses programme for the University of Westminster, London on ad hoc basic, so i never have to part ways with my first love – teaching.

    What drew you to coaching?

    I’ve always been drawn to psychology, creativity, and spirituality. Our ability to have thoughts about the thoughts ( aka metacognition) fascinated me since early childhood and looking into how our own patterns of language, thinking & behaviour influence the outcomes and reality we create for ourselves.

    Discovering that we don’t see things as they are, but as (who) we are prompted me to go further and qualify in various coaching modalities.

    My desire was to feel free: to stop reacting to what was happening around me and instead lead myself to create a life story I love to be a part of and help others do the same.

    I’ve been in professional learning and development as an accredited coach for over 15 years now, starting as a leadership and executive coach and personal growth feels like part of my DNA. You can always find me in very close proximity to the latest research and trends in energy management, leadership, the mind/body connection, neuroscience & fitness and nutrition.

    I believe in lifelong learning – from people, experiences and experts. My work is infused with the ‘know-how’ of top industry experts I continue to invested in.

    I believe that supporting mothers in business is the biggest impact I am here to do because the transformation pours out of the session and into the way they lead the next generation, change lives through their business, show up in their relationships, or in their community and the world.

    Fee Structure

    I deliver transformation to my clients in a variety of ways to suit different budgets and needs.

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