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Jo Williams

Jo Williams

Guiding women who feel stuck, unhappy or unready to create the clarity, courage and confidence to make the next move.

Location: Surrey

Year Qualified: 2022

Areas of Expertise


Jo is a great listener and asked questions that my thinking pivoted on. She helped me see situations from a range of different perspectives so I wasn’t too trapped in my own worldview when that might be the thing that was holding me back. Jo invited me to take a lighter more playful approach to my work and life, approaching my experiences with curiosity and gentleness. I feel more excited about my future after the changes I have made and have the sense that I don’t have to rush. I will find a way forwards.

Madalein, exploring new career opportunities after burnout

During my coaching with Jo, I made a big decision around work. She helped me to make important connections between my thoughts, feelings and actions and I felt much more clarity at the end of each session than I had at the start. I came to see a gap in terms of who I am, how I want to be and the work I was doing. I was able to freely think through all this and start to align my work with a lifestyle which feels more sustainable and nourishing. Jo has a natural gift for coaching, with powerful listening, incisive questioning, warmth and empathy. She’s been wonderful in supporting me to think and move forwards with a big decision and discover some longer-term benefits from the shifts in my thinking.

Katie, business owner

I left our coaching sessions feeling incredibly happy and confident. I truly felt understood. I felt in control of my choices and experienced a breakthrough when I realised I fear failure and started to see how I could work through that. I like to believe that my way of thinking has changed through coaching so instead of considering something to be negative or a problem which is difficult to overcome, I can look at it from different perspectives. I'm also kinder to myself, because Jo encouraged me to show myself more compassion. Honestly, Jo, your coaching made a huge difference to my life and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you or book again for future coaching.

Louise, making a career change following redundancy

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Diploma in Transformational Coaching
    • Self-Belief Coaching advanced certification
    • EMCC accreditation

    Professional Background

    I spent over 20 years working with some of the biggest health and wellness brands and leading large agency teams. I was responsible for managing global clients, driving business excellence and inspiring teams to deliver impactful marketing and insights projects. There was a long list of fancy-sounding job titles, plenty of opportunities to travel and learn, and a board role too.

    But having my two boys shifted how I viewed my career and helped me see that there are other versions of a good life. I was still ambitious but for work which bought me more freedom and fulfilment and didn’t stand in the way of how I wanted to live my life.

    So, I made a change. I left the corporate world behind in 2017 to set up my own business. Since then, my work has transitioned from a heady mix of marketing and communications consultancy into coaching.

    I now work with gently ambitious, big-hearted women who, like me, want to do more of the work that lights them up as part of a more magical and meaningful life.

    In 2021, I embarked on a Diploma in Transformational Coaching to bolster my ability to coach to the highest standards and ethics. I have since gained EMCC accreditation and completed an ICF-accredited Self-Belief Coaching certificate.

    What drew you to coaching?

    I was first on the receiving end of coaching about five years into my career and I’ve continued to turn to this kind of support when I’m approaching a transition or feeling stuck in sameness. I appreciate it as a space to reconnect with what matters most to me, for the support to get curious and challenge my thinking, and for gentle accountability to move forwards.

    Supporting rising talent, managers and new leaders is a favourite part of my work and I have drawn on a coaching approach in doing it so becoming a coach felt like a natural progression.

    I passionately believe we spend too much time at work to waste it being unhappy or finding things consistently tricky. I love helping people find more joy and success – however they choose to define that.

    Building more self-belief is at the heart of my coaching. Uncovering goals and taking action towards them can sometimes feel uncomfortable. It can spark self-doubt and encourage us into our preferred patterns of keeping ourselves safe, whether perfectionism, people-pleasing or procrastination.

    But once you untangle from the idea that there’s a right way to do things and build evidence of all the ways you can believe and trust yourself, you can bring more bravery and brilliance into your work. This is how you get to stop holding yourself back personally and professionally and create a career and a life that you actually like. I love supporting my clients in making this transformation.

    Fee Structure

    90-minute session – £300