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Andrea Maynard

Andrea Maynard

I am a qualified coach supporting women to navigate career changes (job roles; maternity leave; menopause changes). I provide a supportive space to develop your own ideas and take action.

Location: Surrey

Year Qualified: 2022

Areas of Expertise


My sessions with Andrea focused on rebuilding my confidence and energy levels whilst looking for a new leadership role and balancing motherhood. She helped me to reflect positively on my career journey, identify my strengths and develop my storytelling skills. I felt fully listened to and supported as Andrea's encouraging, compassionate approach enabled me to speak freely. I am so grateful for my sessions with Andrea as it was such a pleasure to work with her and she played a big part in helping me to secure a brilliant new opportunity!

SH (Senior Manager, Media)- Returning to work

I worked with Andrea to focus on my transition into a new role. I was apprehensive about the change as it had been some time since I last changed my career. The coaching enabled me to plan ahead for the move and supported me during and after the change. Andrea's thoughtful questions really helped me to prepare and review how I was feeling along the way. Tackling my inner critic moments and talking through the things I was worrying about really set me up for success and enabled me to focus on my goals and feel confident in my abilities.

LC (Global Director, Media & Digial Marketing Comms)- Changing career

Andrea helped me develop a 5-10 year career plan which took into account spending some time off work/ at home with my newborn. She encouraged me to be much more ambitious with what I was trying to achieve, giving me confidence to really pursue senior roles. Coaching also helped me let go of previous career goals and think laterally about further education and work life balance.

SB (MD, Communications)- Career planning/ Returning post mat leave

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • EMCC Practitioner Level (Certificate in Coach-Mentoring Skills Development), 2022
    • Mental Health First Aid Practitioner, 1999
    • Exec Coaching Certificate (Academy of Executive Coaching), 2013
    • MA Personnel & Development (University of Westminster), 2003

    Professional Background

    The majority of my career has been in senior HR roles, across retail, media, digital and communications industries.  I’ve worked in large matrix organisations and small start ups, managing teams of various sizes.  Although the roles have been different, they have all had one thing in common- ‘people’.  

    In my roles I’ve been able to see the power of mentoring and coaching and am constantly enlighted by what people can achieve if they have somebody to support them in developing clear goals, and nurturing their confidence to turn these into actions.  

    I’m a mum to three boys and each maternity leave and return to work brought very different experiences.  I realised that I wanted to do more to support women at this key stage in their lives and decided to qualify as a coach.  

    I now coach professional women to create positive change in their lives at any key cross roads in their journey.

    What drew you to coaching?

    Through my HR roles I am frequently coaching in my professional life and have seen the positive impact it can make. It helps people to secure confidential thinking time, share any fears and frustrations and develop their own ideas to tackle the key aspects of their role or life choices.

    However, coaching is usually only afforded for senior management and therefore many people are not able to gain the benefits of coaching. My aim is to make coaching more accessbile.

    I enjoy helping clients to be inquisitive about what they want to achieve, usually at particular key times in their lives. These tend to be at a career crossroads, perhaps when thinking about changing job roles, returning from maternity leave, returning to work or even managing the journey that is the menopause whilst working.

    I help my clients explore their options, their strenghts and transferable skills as well as review any reservations they may have. I then support them to turn their ideas into actions and be confident to achieve their goals.

    Fee Structure

    1 to 1 coaching: 

    £80 per session (1 hour) 

    £400 for 6 sessions