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Hannah Harrison

Hannah Harrison

I empower women to feel more in control of their life and career, to build systems and habits to help them think and work smarter and reach their potential.

Location: Beckenham

Year Qualified: 2024

Areas of Expertise


"Often in life we are so busy juggling our careers, our home life and other people's happiness that we forget to look after ourselves. This was the case when I began my sessions with Hannah. I knew that I needed to assess my commitments and ultimately how these impacted my own happiness. Hannah helped me unravel the mess that my life had become. Her calm approach and her intuitive signposting allowed me to review my life choices and evaluate their merits. She knew the right questions to ask, gave me the space to speak and cut through the noise. Through her I found the right answers to the questions I wasn't brave enough to ask myself, and she did all of this with professionalism and most importantly with empathy and a smile"


"I first came to Hannah at a crossroads in my career. She helped me to prioritise a timeline to suit my needs rather than bending to those around me and explore potential roles, and how they would feel and fit into the rest of my life. Hannah is very easy to talk to, asks good questions to help dig deeper past my own assumptions and understanding, and is a positive and reassuring presence. After my sessions with Hannah I feel more secure in my decision making and ready to put plans into action"


"My sessions with Hannah have been very enlightening. She gently takes me out of my comfort zone to explore where I want to take my career and what's holding me back from pursuing the work and projects I know I am capable of. Hannah is calm, focused and patient - she brings clarity to my muddled mind and gives me time to unlock the answers that are right for me. I leave our sessions feeling positive, understanding myself and my motivations better, and confident that I have the tools to achieve my goals"


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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Barefoot Coach Training Programme in Business and Personal Coaching (ICF-accredited)

    Professional Background

    Before becoming a coach I spent 20+ years in early talent recruitment. Through this experience I developed my passion for unlocking the potential of talent, fostering inclusive workplaces, and driving organisational growth through talent development programmes. My experience and skills include:

    Early Talent Recruitment and Development:

    – designing and implementing recruitment programs that attract top-tier candidates

    – partnering with academic institutions and industry partners to built talent pipelines that deliver organisational success

    – implementing development initiatives to facilitate the growth and advancement of emerging professionals, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their careers

    Consulting and Leadership:

    – partnering with organisations across diverse industries to provide strategic guidance on talent acquisition, retention, and development

    – collaborating with leadership teams to design talent strategies aligned with their business objectives

    – coaching and mentoring emerging leaders, helping them unlock their full potential and drive organisational excellence

    Management and Diversity:

    – advocate for building diverse teams and fostering inclusive workplaces

    – developing and implementing diversity initiatives, embedding diversity as a strategic imperative within organisations

    – promoting inclusive hiring practices and providing diversity training

    I bring a collaborative and results-oriented approach, I have effectively led cross-functional teams, guiding them towards achieving their goals and delivering exceptional results.

    What drew you to coaching?

    Coaching, for me, is not just a profession, it’s a deep-rooted passion for nurturing potential and facilitating growth. My journey into coaching was sparked by a desire to make a tangible difference in people’s lives, particularly in their careers and in how they balance this with their lives outside work. I am particularly interested in how coaching can be used to transform both a client’s inner world, and their outer environment to enable them to create the systems and support they need to be successful. As well as a coach I am also a professional organiser.

    I have over two decades of experience in early talent management and, looking for a change myself, I found myself drawn to coaching as a powerful tool for driving individual transformation. Seeing the potential within emerging professionals and recognising the pivotal role of coaching on my own career path, I decided to take the leap and train as a professional coach.

    What excites me about coaching is its ability to catalyse personal and professional growth. Through coaching, I have the privilege of walking alongside individuals as they navigate their career journeys, supporting them in overcoming challenges, amplifying their strengths, and ultimately, achieving their fullest potential.

    Fee Structure

    £100-150 per hour, multiple booking discounts available.

    My website: