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with Jane Johnson


Why do so many of us go careering into motherhood, unaware of just how hard it is to have a meaningful career as well as family commitments? And why don’t men struggle with their careers in the same way? We talk about the rise of flexible jobs and work anywhere policies, executive burnout and the pressure to be “always on,” Government claims that 75% of mothers are in work, and yet there’s being in work and there’s having a career. If you’ve had a career break, been on maternity leave, want a career change, want to relaunch yourself back into work or just want a happier balance between work and everything else, Careering Into Motherhood is here with practical advice, insightful interviews and real human stories.

Episode 17: Getting things out in the open (literally!) with Georgina Gray

Ever wondered how a simple walk could be your best strategy for clarity and creativity?

🎧Tune in to this week’s podcast episode to discover the wonders of walking with experienced coach Georgina Gray

In this enlightening conversation, Georgina shares her innovative approach to coaching that combines the power of being in nature with more expansive and deeper conversations—perfect for busy working mums like you.

Episode 16: Help! I just called my son a d***k!” in conversation with Hannah Porteous Butler

Ever found yourself at a loss for words—or worse, saying something you regret—to your kids during a tough parenting moment? 🤬

Tune into the latest episode of our podcast with Hannah Porteous-Butler, a Parent Coach @thepeoplepracticegroup. This episode brings a raw, unfiltered look into the real-life challenges and joys of parenthood. Hannah shares her personal anecdotes and expert insights that will resonate deeply with every parent.


Episode 15: Obstacles to Career Happiness with Lucy Higgins

Dive into our newest podcast episode, where Jane chats with @bigtalkformums, an expert career coach, about overcoming the common hurdles to career happiness. Lucy breaks down the five biggest obstacles that keep us from feeling fulfilled at work and shares her practical tips for tackling each one.

From embracing changes to boosting your self-confidence, sharpening your personal brand, understanding how your environment affects your job satisfaction, and connecting your mind and body for better work performance, Lucy covers it all.

Episode 14: How to Lead with Confidence with Charlotte Worth

Tune in to our latest episode of the Careering into Motherhood podcast, where we explore the dynamic relationship between motherhood and confidence with the expert guidance of @charlotteworthcoaching, a dedicated Career Development Coach.

Through insightful discussion and practical advice, Charlotte illuminates the challenges working mothers face and offers actionable strategies for reclaiming confidence in various spheres of life. Listeners are encouraged to embrace authenticity and individuality in their confidence-building journey, as Charlotte emphasizes the importance of embodying confidence from within.

Episode 13: The Importance of Resilience with Ayesha Murray

Join your host, Jane Johnson, as she dives deep into the art of resilience with the incredible Ayesha Murray. 

Discover powerful strategies to bounce back stronger, navigate emotional storms, and empower yourself and your children to thrive in the face of adversity. From practical coping techniques to fostering a mindset of growth, this conversation is your ultimate guide to unlocking boundless resilience.

Episode 12: How Parenting With Intention Can Work For All with Ainsley Keller

Get ready for an exciting episode as host Jane Johnson welcomes Ainsley Keller, the powerhouse behind the Step Collective. They unravel the mysteries of step parenting, uncovering the secrets to success in blended families. From heartwarming anecdotes to actionable advice, this episode is packed with inspiration. Ainsley Keller, with the.stepcollective empowers step parents to take control of their experience so they can create a balanced life, healthy relationships and a happy home. Her coaching approach is centred around helping step parents find their unique voice, prioritize their well-being, and nurture authentically in their family interactions.

Episode 11: Is it time to reassess the way women see success? – with Ellie English

Dive into our newest podcast episode with Ellie English, a career and leadership coach. In this insightful conversation, Ellie unravels the fine line between mere achievement and genuine success, emphasising the critical role of emotional well-being and being fully present to circumvent executive burnout.

Ellie tackles the hurdles of hyper-rational workplace cultures and stresses the importance of empathy and belonging. She delves into the societal norms that mould our success metrics and discusses their profound effects on women, especially those balancing motherhood and careers.

Episode 10: Be the CEO of Your Career with Janine Esbrand

Dive into our latest ‘Careering into Motherhood’ episode with Janine Esbrand, the visionary behind Career Change Maker (@careerchangemakers). Hear an inspiring tale of transformation that underscores the incredible power of following your passion.

In this enlightening episode, Janine divulges effective strategies for standing out in the job market, creating memorable impressions, and seizing opportunities that propel your career forward.

Episode 9: Redefining your career path with positive psychology with Belinda Batt

Dive into our latest Careering into Motherhood episode featuring the incredible Belinda Batt, an accredited coach who champions mothers’ flourishing. Belinda unveils the transformative power of positive psychology to help mothers redefine their careers and boost their confidence.
Discover the secrets to dismantling societal expectations and mastering the art of the ‘squiggly career’ path. Belinda’s rich insights and practical advice are your keys to achieving the coveted balance between professional success and joyful motherhood.

Episode 8: Stress less, prioritise joy & manage your time more effectively with Negar Farah

Are you a working mother struggling to juggle your career and family life without feeling constantly overwhelmed?

In our latest podcast episode, we dive into effective time management strategies for working mothers with Negar Farah. Negar opens up about her journey of overcoming anxiety and burnout while juggling a demanding career and raising three children. She shares invaluable insights on planning joy, creating strategic focus time blocks, and the importance of setting boundaries to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Episode 7: Disability, Accessibility & Women at work with Mary Doyle

Mary’s journey from aviation enthusiast to disability consultant is nothing short of inspiring. With her infectious energy and commitment to equity, Mary pushes against the notion that doing the right thing always requires a business case.

Sharing insights from her corporate experiences, Mary underlines the critical need to dismantle biases and champion diversity. Her approachable style brings a fresh perspective to weighty discussions, advocating tirelessly for the rights of women and individuals with disabilities.

Tune in to be inspired by Mary’s unwavering dedication to making the world a better, more equitable place.

Episode 4: Stop Dreaming it and Start Doing it with Lauren Leopold

Feeling stuck in the corporate grind and dreaming of entrepreneurial freedom? In this insightful episode, Jane and Lauren Leopold, a seasoned Side Hustle & Business Coach, delve into Lauren’s transformative journey from corporate burnout to thriving entrepreneur.

Lauren opens up about her 15-year career in corporate marketing, the initial excitement, the creeping boredom, and the deep quest for purpose. She shares pivotal moments, including a life-changing self-love workshop and eye-opening insights from a career coach, which led her to reassess her path.

Episode 1: Why it is never too late to make a change with Tamsin Williamson

Feeling like there’s more to life than your current routine? Ready to redefine your career and life as a mother?

In this empowering episode, Tamsin Williamson, a Transformational Life and Mindset Coach, dives deep with Jane into the mighty force of change.

They discuss how to uncover how to conquer career shifts as a mom, tackle fears head-on, and champion personal boundaries.

This episode is a rallying cry for moms, empowering them to embrace their value, own their journey, and fearlessly navigate life’s changes.