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Ainsley Keller

Ainsley Keller

I empower step parents and future step parents to take control of their experience so they can create a balanced life, healthy & respectful relationships and a happy home.

Location: London

Year Qualified: 2018

Areas of Expertise


My work with Ainsley has transcended all areas of my life - family, work & my relationships. Not only do our sessions provide me with clarity and perspective, I always leave armed with seemingly simple tools and shifts that I can implement immediately that have had an immense impact on my life. I started working with Ainsley when I was totally overwhelmed. Not only did we work through the overwhelm, we addressed the root cause to ensure I wouldn't find myself back in that place - and I haven't since. Thank you, Ainsley!

Hayley Rose, Benchmark Group, London

What differentiates Ainsley as a coach is her amazing ability to sense what is going on behind the words. It has been an immensely liberating experience to recognise what was really affecting me and to have a coach who was articulate and sensitive enough to help me call it out and work on it. A number of our sessions turned out to be much more profound than the topic we started off with.

Hee Sung Kim - Global NGO

Working with Ainsley has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Her guidance and observations have been invaluable in helping me to develop new habits and patterns of behaviour that have led to real, positive changes in my life. Ainsley guides you into finding the answers for yourself. It makes you realise that you have it all there with a little nudge in the right direction. I feel more driven and in control of my life than ever, I couldn’t recommend her more.

Mairi Houston - Huckletree, London

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • ICF certified coach training, Diploma in Professional Coaching Skills, Coaching Development, London
    • ICF certified coach training, The Coach Practitioner, Coaching Development London
    • ICF certified training in Group Coaching, Stellar Coaching, London
    • ICF Associate Coaching Credential (ACC) attained

    Professional Background

    Hi, I’m Ainsley. I moved to the UK to work with Cadbury at the 2012 Olympic Games, fell in love with the energy and opportunity in London and never left!
    Working in Senior and Director-level operational roles for a range of industry-leading companies including Starwood Hotels, The Vancouver and London Olympic Games and The Office Group has given me incredible insight into the corporate world. I’ve mentored individuals and teams of up to 180 people to deliver exceptional results and have personally found huge fulfilment in being able to empower the people around me to find their innate leadership ability.
    As a natural entrepreneur, I’ve launched two successful businesses of my own, received an MBA from Bayes Business School in 2015 and qualified as a Coach in 2018.  I am also a committed volunteer career coach with Smart Works UK, an organisation that supports disadvantaged women gain confidence, reach their potential and secure employment.
    I value my corporate experience immensely and loved being at the heart of a number of successful and fast-moving companies but my greatest personal challenge (and accomplishment) to-date has been navigating the dynamics of my blended family.
    I entered the lives of my stepsons (now 17 and 14) over 9 years ago and had my own daughter in 2019 so I am very well-versed in the emotions, challenges, complexities & joys of blended family life.  Throughout the years I have learned the importance of patience, effective communication, the value of articulating my boundaries, the need for planning and forward thinking and most of all the resilience it requires to maintain the childrens’ well-being at the forefront of our family decisions.
    Through my coaching,  I am so pleased that I am able to combine my passion for nurturing and developing individuals with creating positive change to harness healthy family relationships that work for all.
    When I’m not coaching, I’m on Hampstead Heath or trying new recipes.  I’ll take any opportunity I can to get back to Vancouver and LA where my West-Coast family are based, and my love of the sea and mountains can be truly fulfilled.

    What drew you to coaching?

    Having benefited from coaching in my own personal life and corporate career, I’m a firm believer in it forming an important part of a holistic health and well-being strategy.

    I first trained as a coach in 2018 and coached alongside my corporate role until I was able to fully devote myself to coaching at the beginning of 2023.

    I spent the past 5 years coaching leaders and will forever be passionate about people unlocking their unique leadership abilities.    My clientele organically shifted    it just so happened that many of my leadership clients were also step parents and this natural progression, combined with my own journey as a step parent over the last 9 years, unlocked my true passion – coaching for step parents and future step parents.      

    There is very limited support, guidance and community for those who are or soon-to-be step parents and I believe this support is crucial given the layers and complexities of our role.  

    My coaching practice is rooted in core values of respect for myself and others, authenticity, harmony and growth. I have experience in the strategy, work and encouragement it takes to walk alongside people as they bring alignment to their world.  But most importantly, I really love what I do. Seeing step parents find their voice, prioritise themselves, experience authenticity in their relationships, create harmony within their home and have confidence in their contribution truly inspires me.

    Fee Structure

    Taster Programme

      3 x 50 minute sessions over 2 months

    – Support via Whatsapp or email in between sessions 

    – Invite to bi-annual community events/workshops/networking opportunities for you to meet like-minded Step Parents

    – A safe, warm and judgement-free space to for you to reflect and grow

    The investment – £450 (or 2 monthly payments of £240/month)

    Signature Programme 

    – 6 x 50-minute 1:1 sessions over 4 months

    – Support via Whatsapp or email in between sessions

      Invite to bi-annual events/workshops/networking opportunities for you to meet like-minded Step Parents

    – A safe, warm and judgement-free space to for you to reflect and grow 

    The investment – £850 (or 4 x monthly payments of £225/month)

    Additional sessions (for previous clients only) – £135

    Group Coaching for Step Parents

    – Details coming soon!

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