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Heather Hill

Heather Hill

Empowering quiet leaders to thrive in your career and reach your full potential without changing who you are. Discover your strengths, build your confidence and lead with authenticity and integrity.

Location: Merseyside

Year Qualified: 2023

Areas of Expertise


Heather made such a difference to my overall outlook. She made me think more broadly about the situation I was in. Through the coaching, I could recognise my strengths again rather than just focusing on the negatives. She also made me realise that my self perception did not match the external. I'd highly recommend coaching with Heather - she asked me the questions I’ve never been asked before. She made me really think long and hard about what’s important. We did lots of work on my values and now I feel they are really clearly defined. When looking for a new opportunity, I knew I had to find a close match to those in order to identify the right role moving forwards.

Rachel, Marketing Director

The coaching sessions helped me to put me first. So often you are trained to think one way and behave one way. The sessions helped me to open up with a less fearful mindset. They had a massive impact on my outlook to approaching challenges and dealing with people. I couldn't be more thankful.

Andy, Convenience Store Manager working towards a large format Store Manager

Heather is a fantastic coach, she is focused on helping you to achieve your goals. She has a flexible and friendly approach that helps to challenge you and your thinking. She has a really calming presence and is very knowledgeable. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough, having had coaching before, Heather was by far the most effective and impactful!

Sophie, Head of People Services Transformation

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • ILM Level 7 in Executive Coaching and Mentoring - due Sept 2023

    Professional Background

    Having always had an interest in people and a curious mind about what makes us tick, I did a degree in Psychology before beginning my career in HR where I’ve worked for almost 15 years.
    During this time, I spent 10 years in the NHS, starting out on their graduate management training programme. This is where I had my first taste of coaching – something that lit a spark in me for many years before I finally decided to train as a coach myself.
    Ten years and two children later, I decided I was ready for a change and moved into the private sector, working for a large global retail and e-commerce business as a Senior HR Business Partner. A few years later, I once again felt ready for a change, feeling like I had more to give but not sure what my next steps were.
    Whilst I’ve always considered myself to be ambitious in my career, it has taken time to understand what this means for me. I’m generally quite reserved (although not necessarily shy or unconfident) and I wasn’t sure how to use my skills and strengths in a way that felt right for me, and without compromising my work life balance.
    Around the same time, I’d finally decided to ‘scratch the itch’ and had begun training as a coach. Through my training, alongside having coaching myself, I was able to get clear on my values and what’s important to me, build my self-awareness and step into my strengths to find a path that feels right for me.
    I now work as a freelance HR Consultant and Career & Leadership Coach – work that aligns to my values and brings me fulfilment through helping people to be the best that they can be in their lives and careers.
    As a coach, I can help you figure out what this looks like for you so you can grow in your career in a way that feels right for you.

    What drew you to coaching?

    I’ve experienced first hand the power of coaching and the benefit of a thought partner offering alternative perspectives to help gain clarity in my career and balancing work and family life. Now I want to offer those alternative perspectives and a safe space, without judgement, to others facing transition in their lives or careers, and those who know they want something ‘more’, even if they’re not sure what that is.
    My passion lies in seeing people of all levels realise their strengths and values, and partnering with them to better navigate their world for a more fulfilling life and career.
    As someone who is naturally more introverted, I know how it feels not to be the loudest person in the room, that it can feel easier and less scary to stay in the background and not shout about your achievements. I also know that it can feel like you’re being overlooked in favour of those with louder voices.
    A successful career doesn’t look the same for everyone. It’s not always about striving for the next thing; it’s often about feeling challenged, engaged, appreciated and maintaining balance.
    If this resonates with you, I’d love to help you discover your hidden strengths and to realise that by acknowledging and leaning in to your strengths, you can build your confidence and thrive in your career without changing who you are.
    My approach has been described as warm, authentic and calmly assertive. I’ll be your biggest cheerleader but will also hold you to account.

    Fee Structure

    6 month 1:1 coaching programme


    6 x 90 minute coaching sessions via Zoom, once a month

    Payment plans available

    Interview Coaching

    From £150 per hour

    Group Programme launching in 2024

    “Finding your confidence as a quiet leader”

    Email me to join the waiting list or book a discovery call to find out more

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