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Philine Chucri

Philine Chucri

Leadership, Life Balance & Maternity Coach for ambitious women. I help you to redefine success and navigate career and motherhood with ease. Let’s work together and create a life balance that feels good to you!

Location: Worldwide: Geneva

Year Qualified: 2021

Areas of Expertise


Working with Philine has been life changing. She has helped me visualize and shape my goals, while also giving me tools to better manage my thoughts, feelings and actions. Working with Philine has been both challenging and very rewarding, and a lot of fun on the way!


Before joining Philine's coaching program, I felt lost and overwhelmed. Now I feel empowered and confident that I am moving towards the person I want to be. I recommend Philine with all my heart. I found the coaching to be inspiring, insightful, relieving, and energizing.


Philine helped me to work out a new future professional goal which honestly makes me feel extremely happy and excited.


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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Diploma in Transformational Life Coaching (Animas Centre of Coaching) 
    • ACC credential by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) 
    • Emotions Coach Practitioner (In Good Company, ongoing) 
    • Maternity Coach Certificate (The Maternity Coach) 
    • Certificate in Positive Psychology Coaching (Animas Centre of Coaching) 
    • Certificate in Group Coaching (Animas Centre of Coaching) 

    Professional Background

    Before becoming a coach, I worked over 12 years in Marketing and Sales in the international corporate world.

    What drew you to coaching?

    When I became a Mum, I continued to work and travel as if I didn’t have children. And I tried to care for my children as if I wasn’t working. I thought the never-ending feeling of overwhelm and exhaustion was simply the price I had to pay for trying to have it all. I learned it the hard way.

    When I experienced burnout and depression, I was unable to work or care for my children. I decided enough is enough. There must be a better way. With the help of a Life Coach I learned to reconnect with myself, challenge my autopilot, manage my critical-self talk, and take intentional action toward the person and mother I wanted to be.

    And indeed, I quickly discovered there is another way. Not only a way that allowed me to survive, but a way that allowed me to thrive in my everyday life and grow into the person and Mum I always wanted to be. That’s why it is now my life’s mission to empower other Mums to rewrite the stories they tell themselves, explore what’s really important, reduce the noise and take back control so that they can create a life that feels good – not only for their family and their work but especially for themselves.

    Fee Structure

    Work With Me

    You’ll learn tools and strategies to redefine success, challenge your inner narrative and discover what’s possible when your critical self talk isn’t running the show.

    It’s time to give yourself a new level of support so you can confidently create a life balance that feels good and brings out the best in you!

    3-month Coaching Package: £690

    (£230 monthly)

    6-month Coaching Package: £1,200

    (£210 monthly)

    12-month Coaching Package: £2,200

    (£190 monthly)

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