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Rachel Childs

Rachel Childs

Two-thirds of couples experience a decline in relationship satisfaction after becoming parents. I help couples navigate the early years of parenthood with strong and supportive parenting partnerships.

Location: Hertfordshire, Hitchin

Year Qualified: 2021

Areas of Expertise


An Invaluable Practical Resource To Help With Preparation For Family Life. As a first-time Dad, it can be difficult to feel like you're supporting your pregnant partner in the best way possible, especially when they're the ones dealing with the morning sickness and all the bodily changes! As well as encouraging us to have conversations about family values, our hopes for how we parent together and how our relationship might evolve in the coming years, Beyond Baby Talk has given me a better understanding of how I can be most supportive in the early days of having a newborn. We've had lots of useful discussions that we wouldn't have had otherwise, and I would recommend it as a tool for all first-time parents-to-be.

Paul, expectant dad

Rachel helped me with my transition back to work following maternity leave. At the time I was feeling anxious and unsure of whether the Job I was going back to was for me anymore. The coaching helped me define my boundaries for when I went back to work. Rachel supported me to have the confidence to explore what other opportunities were available to me.

Tracey, returning mum

Rachel really helped me to stay focused on my objectives for coaching but also helping me balance enjoying the remainder of my maternity leave whilst thinking through what was important on my return to work.

Rebecca, returning mum

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Diploma in Transformational Coaching
    • Animas Introduction to Coaching Certificate

    Professional Background

    I am a business psychologist and have built my career in professional services as a leadership and talent development consultant. I work with organisations to develop strategies for building equitable workplaces where all talent can belong and flourish. I have developed women in leadership, mentoring and sponsorship programmes to support the progression of underrepresented talent.
    Since leaving the corporate world, I founded Parents that Work which has a mission to better equip couples during the transition to parenthood. I have published Beyond Baby Talk, a couples workbook, and work as a consultant, supporting organisations that are committed to creating equitable workplaces.

    What drew you to coaching?

    I believe every working parent has the right to feel they’ve succeeded in their career as well as being a parent. My mission is to help couples find the balance of shared parenting and careers that works for their family context and career ambitions.
    When you are preparing for parenthood, the only classes available are to help prepare for giving birth. I’m here to bridge the gap for couples by actually spending time just focusing on you both. You and your partner are the beating heart of your family and we need to create more space to help the transition to parenthood as a partnership. As a result, new parents feel more connected, aligned and experience greater relationship satisfaction.
    My mission is to support working mothers and fathers to find the right balance for their career and family dynamics with the aim to ultimately support greater equity in career progression and parental partnerships. I want to see more amazing mothers feeling confident and empowered throughout their journey as a parent so that they can carve the career trajectory that is right for them. I want more dads to feel empowered to take parental leave, and ask for flexible working without feeling it will hamper their career.
    Whether you’re planning to start a family, transitioning from parental leave or navigating how to build a dual-career partnership, I create a space for you to explore the decisions and challenges as a couple.

    Fee Structure

    One-off 60-minute individual or couples coaching session online £150
    Beyond Baby Talk. Your pathway to parenthood.
    The essential programme for parents-to-be. These online group classes include:
    – Three 90-minute group sessions
    – A hard copy of the Beyond Baby Talk couples workbook
    – 60-minute couples coaching session

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