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Sally Wade

Sally Wade

I help working moms ignite their brilliance, find their balance, and excel in their careers – creating more time, ease and fulfilment without sacrificing your identity or burning out

Location: South Africa, Worldwide: Johannesburg

Year Qualified: 2021

Areas of Expertise


I have found Sally to be such a motivating and insightful coach. She hears me say things that I didn’t even realise the importance of and reflects them back in such a powerful way. I found the values elicitation that Sally conducted in one of our sessions to be a particularly important part of my self-reflection journey and this really deepened my understanding of what is important to me and where my strengths lie. Sally’s approach to this was so perceptive with a very natural flow. The whole coaching process with Sally has been very impactful for me and I know that a crucial aspect of this has been how comfortable and supported she has ensured that I feel at all times. Our sessions together have made a huge difference to my confidence and self-belief, enabling me to take big steps forward towards my goals and achieve things that I didn’t think were possible in the time that we had.

Sally, over the 3 sessions empowered me to take responsibility for obtaining my goals set. These goals were centred around starting my new business and self-care. The coaching sessions were very clear and logical. Lots of excellent questions to help me reflect and draw on the resources I have in order to complete my goals. You felt like you were having a normal conversation, but done very sensitively within a very confidential space. When I got lost in my mind chatter, Sally kept bringing me back to my goal. Sally allowed me the space for thinking, which was so needed and helped me so much in accomplishing my goals. Sally coaches with warmth and deep support encompassed by a very professional approach, with very clear boundaries, set at the beginning of each session. Sally coaches with her intuition and so was able to pick up on many visual clues and energy levels rather than the words I just said. I would highly recommend Sally, she is a superb coach and if you need help in achieving a goal, Sally will help you achieve it super quickly, empowering you so you owned the outcome, plus you learnt a lot about yourself along the way!

Sally is an incredible support and motivator to me. She is self-assured, communicates clearly and openly, and is respectful and positive. I found it incredibly easy to connect with her and I find our sessions inspiring. I wish she could join me in interviews as my emotional support coach, as she gives me the confidence to work through my challenges, in order to achieve my goals, in a way that is authentic and unique to me

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Personal Performance Diploma (Life Coaching)
    • The Coaching Academy Corporate & Executive Diploma

    Professional Background

    I had a wonderful 22 year career with a global FMGC business where I worked my way up from the frontlines to the executive suite and ended up leading a global brand business. I worked primarily in the customer and commercial spaces and was fortunate to hold roles where I was able to make my mark. I led game-changing projects and work in every role, focusing on leaving that space better off for having me in it. Early on in my career, I taught myself Commercial Finance as I needed these skills despite thinking that I didn’t like maths! These commercial skills were a differentiator for me and enabled me to move faster on work and projects.

    I thrived in complex spaces where I was able to use my true strategic ability to wade through a lot of information and identify themes, issues, challenges and opportunities where others didn’t and I was able to articulate my ideas to those around me at all levels. I honed my general management skills through the years by going deep and broad in key areas, and this is still a passion of mine.

    My time in the executive suite gave me a birds eye view of the work that matters to really move the needle in business. In the second half of my corporate career, when I was leading teams and people, I was focused on creating environments where my people could really thrive and I took on mentorship roles, guiding more junior team mates through work. This was element of my work that I adored and it really did keep me coming back day in and day out. I successfully led multifunctional, cross-functional and remote teams.

    While I loved my work, it was the people I worked with who made my corporate life as rich and rewarding as it was. I was equally fortunate to build a team of sponsors around me who make sure I was in the right rooms and in the right roles. My corporate career remains a source of great personal pride for me.

    What drew you to coaching?

    During the second part of my corporate career I spent a lot of time coaching and mentoring people within the business. So when the time came to decide what I wanted to do after I’d left corporate due to a global restructure, coaching was a natural choice. I pursued a double accreditation with The Coaching Academy in the UK, and achieved a distinction for both qualifications – Life Coaching and Corporate & Executive Coaching.

    As a coach, my goal is to create a warm and trusting space right from the start. I love diving into your stories and experiences to uncover your strengths and unique perspectives. By reflecting on your journey and asking thoughtful questions, we can unlock your inner power and drive positive change.

    I believe in simplifying complex situations by breaking them down and exploring them together. This process not only helps us untangle any knots but also sparks new insights and possibilities. I’m all about challenging your thoughts in a gentle, non-judgmental way. Sometimes, the most profound moments of growth come from those quiet, reflective pauses.

    Your values and beliefs are at the heart of our conversations. I’m here to shed light on them, helping you gain clarity and focus on what truly matters to you. It’s a privilege to be part of your world and support you on your journey of self-discovery and empowerment. So, if you’re ready to explore, grow, and create positive changes, I’m here and excited to walk this path with you!

    Fee Structure

    1:1 Coaching:
    6 sessions: £350
    8 sessions: £430
    10 session: £499
    On demand course with resources – Balancing Brilliance Launchpad $47 (will convert to GBP if necessary)
    Group programme (WIP)
    Community (WIP)

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