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Chloe Coburn

Chloe Coburn

Transition and change coach, helping clients foster curiosity and personal leadership. Focus on self growth to feel liberated and align purpose to career development and thrive.

Location: London

Year Qualified: 2023

Areas of Expertise


I have found working with Chloe hugely beneficial. She is warm and non-judgemental, but also manages to challenge in a way that feels supportive, which makes me think deeply and reflect in a way that moves me forward. Chloe is very grounded as well as empathetic. I always came away from each session with a SMART goal and clear actions that were well defined and which I felt committed to and able to achieve. I felt that she cared about my journey in a way that was genuine and supportive but also professional. I feel really lucky to have had Chloe as my coach. She kept me on track, inspired me to take action and kept me focused on what I needed to achieve. She facilitated rather than directed. I would absolutely go back to her for coaching in the future.

Thomasina, College Principal

I decided to give coaching a go because I needed to regain my confidence. After my maternity, I was looking for a new job after reorienting myself professionally. I felt the sessions gave me more self confidence before interviews. The sessions were relevant and enjoyable and I found working with Chloe to be amazing and constructive, she’s an invested person.

Audrey, Working Mum

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Chloe through our coaching relationship. The rapport between us has enabled me to open up to her and feel relaxed and positive during the sessions. Chloe has a very clear, calm and focused approach, she listens carefully and I have found her coaching skilled and professional. We focused on one main theme through our coaching which has enabled me to become confident in this area, and seen progress beyond that which I had anticipated. Through considered questioning, Chloe helped me to identify limiting beliefs and subsequently I have been able to see beyond them, making choices for my future that I may not have otherwise been able to do.

Mary, NHS worker

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Personal, Performance, Life Coach
    • The Coaching Academy Coaching in Education
    • The Coaching Academy

    Professional Background

    I was a secondary Art teacher for 18 years and Head of a Creative Arts Faculty for 12 of those years.

    Being a teacher gave me a great sense of pride and purpose. I found the teaching exhilarating and feel honoured to have worked in education and alongside young people. 

    There are many affinities between teaching and coaching. The most obvious one for me, is the importance of encouraging and fostering a growth mindset. The more open and aware we are to learn, the more resilient and adaptable we become. Enabling the opportunity to embrace a challenge, remain curious, take a risk and learn from a mistake. Fostering a growth mindset is necessary to learn, develop, adapt and make progress. Accepting we are life long learners, empowers us to move forward and thrive.

    What drew you to coaching?

    My first encounter with the coaching concept, was on a training day to develop my leadership skills when I was toying with the idea of a senior leadership role in the school I was teaching at.

    I went from thinking, can this truly have an impact, it’s so subtle. To thinking, WOW, I have gained new insights on how to manage my team, that allows space to grow, develop and gain autonomy. I changed the way I managed, to empower and trust my colleagues to find their solutions and take ownership. We began to work stronger as a team, collaboratively brain storming and creating a learning/ thinking environment and it felt very intuitive.

    Then 9 years later, I left the teaching profession, in fact, changed career, country, language and culture, all at once. It was a far bigger deal that I had envisaged at the time. It was a choice we had made as a family and new adventure began. 

    I soon realised, I missed my role, my team, my students, the humour and sense of pride and purpose associated with teaching. It was then, I decided to do something about coaching and retrained as a Personal, Performance, Life Coach. Immediately, I found this deep sense of pride that comes with offering a service that benefits others. My mission now, as a coach, is to help you clarify and affirm what your needs and desires are, identify any resistance or obstacles and support you to achieve your goal.

    Fee Structure

    FREE 30 minutes Discovery Call
    6x sessions of 1:1 coaching (over 2 to 3 months) = £750
    Includes 6 x 1 hour sessions and email contact between the sessions

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