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Belinda Batt

Belinda Batt

I’m an EMCC accredited coach and certified motherhood studies practitioner, using evidence-based positive psychological tools to support mothers of young children to smash maternal guilt and return to work feeling confident and empowered.

Location: Totnes

Year Qualified: 2021

Areas of Expertise


Belinda helped me find a new work identity and develop a vision of the flourishing working mother, as well as practical steps to avoid stress. Two weeks into my new role, I really notice how helpful the coaching was. And I enjoy the time I spend with my son....No mother guilt or stress so far.

Kristiane, wanting to flourish back at work and tackle mum guilt.

I would highly recommend coaching with Belinda to all mothers who feel the need to be heard, who want to understand personal and societal foundations of guilt and shame and how to re-prioritise self-care.

Candice, wanting to improve her well-being ahead of returning to work.

I really enjoyed Belinda's course. The content was very practical, especially the different positive psychology interventions that can easily fit into the lives of busy mothers. The coaching session with Belinda was helpful to pinpoint my needs and clarify them so I could take specific actions. I also enjoyed the group calls, exchanging with other mothers and feeling less alone with the struggles but also the joys of motherhood.

Lynn, wanting to learn tools to improve her overall well-being and connect with other mums.

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology (UEL)
    • Certified Motherhood Studies Practitioner
    • EMCC Accredited Coach

    Professional Background

    I worked in PR and Marketing for 20+ years, working in various in-house and agency-based executive and managerial positions across the corporate and charity sectors in the UK and Belgium. After I becoming a mother in 2018 I re-trained as a coach for mothers, with the aim of supporting mothers’ well-being.

    What drew you to coaching?

    Becoming a mother in 2018 was instrumental in unlocking my career passion, and although motherhood is a role that I adore, I have also found it extremely difficult at times. As a result of the challenges I’ve faced since becoming a mother – both personally and professionally – and the evidence-based tools and techniques I have learned, I am on a mission to support other mothers in overcoming the challenges they face, restoring balance to their lives and transitioning into flourishing mothers.

    I know that coaching and positive psychology can change lives because they have already changed my life and the lives of others I work with. I’ve fought through mountains of self-doubt, self-criticism and negative self-talk. And I’m proud to have reached a point in my life where I accept that I’m perfectly imperfect and can identify as a flourishing mother! My aim is to positively impact lives and support as many women as I can on their journey towards feeling the same way.

    Fee Structure

    Sessions can be booked either individually at the full price of £100/hr or as a 10 session 1:1 Coaching Package for £995 which includes WhatsApp and email support between sessions. More information can be found on my website

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