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Our Vision….

is for a world where motherhood and ambition can happily co-exist, where women have access to the same career opportunities as the majority of men.

Our Mission…

is to provide practical help and trusted advice, to individuals and employers who want to help make life a little bit easier for working mothers, tackling the issues women face in accessing the opportunities for a successful career.

What we’re doing about it…

We are tired of waiting for Government Policy to be introduced or for employers to make it easier for women with children to have the same career opportunities as the majority of men. COVID-19 proved that the old ways of working, no longer fit with the way we live today. Hybrid working is a start but recent research we ran showed that flexible working is not the silver bullet women with childcare responsibilities had hoped – we are more stressed and overloaded than ever before.

Today every family has their own set of unique challenges and opportunities which is why we do not provide a blueprint or dictate to our community members, how they should live and work. Instead we empower women, through coaching tools and resources, through our work with employers, and via our supportive community, to go build careers and ways of working that work for them.