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Katrina Court

Katrina Court

I support mums navigate the transition into motherhood: matrescence, to explore this new identity, redefine success and feel equipped to mother and work, in a way that's right for them.

Location: Surrey

Year Qualified: 2022

Areas of Expertise


“When I started working with Katrina I was just back at work after having my first baby, feeling stuck and unempowered. I felt very cynical about the options available to make changes, particularly at a time when a lot of my energy was taken up with adjusting to life as a new mum. As our coaching sessions unfolded, Katrina really helped me work through my values, beliefs, skills and dreams. I no longer believe that I don’t deserve a fulfilling and exciting life and career, and I feel much more positive about the opportunities ahead of me. The tone of the sessions felt so natural and quickly put me at ease, and Katrina's ability to ask the right questions at the right time led to some really empowering moments. Thank you!”

Natasha, Civil Servant

“When I started working with Katrina I felt totally overwhelmed. Going back to work felt daunting, I felt like I’d forgotten how to be in the adult world and my self-esteem had really taken a dip. But after just one session I was able to see how much pressure I was putting on myself and that I still have lots to give. We worked on some beliefs I’ve held for a long time and now I feel so much more confident not only that I can still do this, but also in setting boundaries that make this next phase of my career as a mum feel achievable. As a person, Katrina is warm, calming, and just gets it - I’m really going to miss our sessions!”

Sarah, Marketing Manager

“I began speaking with Katrina as I approached a time where I needed more clarity on my future direction – personally and professionally. Katrina’s holistic approach meant that we thoroughly explored my personal and professional ambitions, values and barriers. With her help, I was able to understand what’s important to me and how to take actionable steps. Katrina helped to unlock the answers I had inside and always challenged me to see obstacles or future opportunities with fresh perspective. I’ve come away from our sessions with better understanding about myself, the things in life that are important to me and importantly, fresh energy.”

Sarah-Jane, Communications Associate

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • ICF Accredited Diploma in Transformative Coaching, Animas
    • ICF Accredited Matrescence Coaching training, Mama Rising with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz (2023)

    Professional Background

    Before training to become a coach, I held a 15-year career in Communications working in a fast-paced, creative agency environment.

    My last position was as a senior Director within the Purpose and Sustainability division at one of the UK’s leading ad agencies, working with complex global organisations like Unilever, Bayer and Kimberly-Clark.

    Throughout my career I have always had a passion for people, personal growth and well-being and so in addition to my client consultancy remit, I was responsible for team culture, led the agency’s training and development programme, and held the position of a Mental Health First Aider.

    Upon leaving the Corporate world in search of something that allowed me to make a positive change on a more personal level and be a more present mother, I completed my coaching qualification with Animas Centre for Coaching. I now run my own coaching practice working exclusively with women as they navigate the challenges of motherhood. Having spent a large part of my career advising brands on finding their purpose, I now feel that I have finally found mine.

    What drew you to coaching?

    In short, it was becoming a mum that led me to coaching. 

    My transition into motherhood – the period of matrescence – was challenging and not what I expected. I spent the early stages feeling disoriented, like a failure, and desperately seeking a way back to ‘being me’. However, I soldiered on, mostly in silence, hoping that one day it would just click. 

    Just before my daughter turned two, I totally unravelled. I was burned out trying to bounce back into a stressful job that I no longer found fulfilling, trying to prove that I could be the person I was before maternity leave, and be the mum I wanted to (or thought I should) be. 

    Unfortunately, I realised that this idea that we can “have it all” is a myth. Something had to give; so I quit my job and took time out to work on myself and re-evaluate what I wanted my life to look and feel like. 

    The decision to focus my work on women going through matrescence was a no brainer – I want to be the support that I never had. Someone to validate the feelings and challenges, and to walk alongside my clients as a supportive partner. Every day I feel privileged to work with my clients and watch them dig deep within themselves. I truly believe that with a little courage and the right support, every woman can embrace the transformation and opportunity for growth that comes with becoming a mother.

    Fee Structure

    I’m delighted to offer all Careering into Motherhood Members 10% off my standard website rates when they pay in full. Please quote CiM at the time of booking.

    I work with mamas in different ways depending on where you are in your motherhood journey, the level of support you need and your budget.

    These are my most popular options, with investment starting at £175, but please get in touch if you’d like to discuss a bespoke package.

    Join The Wing-Mamas community, your monthly dose of honest mama moments plus inspiration and free resources to help you reimagine motherhood and embrace the magic and messiness of matrescence.

    Free 60-minute Exploratory Session

    • Reflect and Reconnect: a powerful, 90-minute standalone session designed to help you recognise, understand and gain clarity on your transition into motherhood.
    • Re-imagine Your Motherhood: my signature 4-month coaching and mentoring programme for mamas who are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and depleted and want to do motherhood differently. This is an opportunity to press pause, invest in yourself, and regain control of your motherhood experience.
    • Create your Blend: A 3-month coaching programme for women who want to create a life where motherhood, well-being and professional ambition can happily co-exist. Understand what matrescence means for your professional identity and redefine what success looks like in this season of your life as a working mama.
    • Back to Work Blueprint: A combination of 1:1 coaching and self-paced exercises to give you the boost you need to return to the workplace after parental leave feeling calm, confident and capable.

    Not sure what option is right for you? Book a free Exploratory call today and we can discuss the best way that I can support you.

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