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Katrina Court

Katrina Court

I help mums explore and lean into their matrescence – the transition from woman to mother – so they feel equipped and empowered to redefine what being a mother means for them.

Location: Surrey

Year Qualified: 2022

Areas of Expertise


Katrina supported me at a time in my life when everything was completely out of sync. After two weeks of stress leave and feeling very burnt out, I felt I had to make big changes in my life but didn’t know where to start. As a coach, Katrina is empathetic and kind, keeps the sessions focused and asks the tough questions. These brought out some big moments of revelation and self-awareness for me. She held me accountable to the commitments I made to myself, and as a result I have made a significant mindset shift about my priorities and am far more deliberate about how I choose to spend my time and energy. She listens intently, pushes you and genuinely wants to see you succeed - all the qualities you need in a coach. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Katie, looking to enforce better boundaries

I began speaking with Katrina as I approached a time where I needed more clarity on my future direction – personally and professionally. Katrina’s holistic approach meant that we thoroughly explored my personal and professional ambitions, values and barriers. With her help, I was able to understand what’s important to me and how to take actionable steps. Katrina helped to unlock the answers I had inside and always challenged me to see obstacles or future opportunities with fresh perspective. I’ve come away from our sessions with better understanding about myself, the principles in life that are important to me and importantly, fresh energy

Sarah-Jane, considering a career move

Katrina is such a wonderful coach. She creates a powerful space where I can bring whatever I need to work through, and I feel both held and seen. She facilitates my thinking in a way that has given me really important breakthroughs. She is a deep listener and also an extremely kind and intelligent person.

Lisa, mum of two

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • ICF Accredited Diploma in Transformative Coaching, Animas
    • ICF Accredited Matrescence Coaching training, Mama Rising with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz (2023)

    Professional Background

    Before training to become a coach, I held a 15-year career in Communications working in a fast-paced, creative agency environment.

    My last position was as a senior Director within the Purpose and Sustainability division at one of the UK’s leading ad agencies, working with complex global organisations like Unilever, Bayer and Kimberly-Clark.

    Throughout my career I have always had a passion for people, personal growth and well-being and so in addition to my client consultancy remit, I was responsible for team culture, led the agency’s training and development programme, and held the position of a Mental Health First Aider.

    Upon leaving the Corporate world in search of something that allowed me to make a positive change on a more personal level and be a more present mother, I completed my coaching qualification with Animas Centre for Coaching. I now run my own coaching practice working exclusively with women as they navigate the challenges of motherhood. Having spent a large part of my career advising brands on finding their purpose, I now feel that I have finally found mine.

    What drew you to coaching?

    In short, it was becoming a mum that led me to coaching. 

    My transition into motherhood – the period of matrescence – was challenging and not what I expected. I spent the early stages feeling disoriented, like a failure, and desperately seeking a way back to ‘being me’. However, I soldiered on, mostly in silence, hoping that one day it would just click. 

    Just before my daughter turned two, I totally unravelled. I was burned out trying to bounce back into a stressful job that I no longer found fulfilling, trying to prove that I could be the person I was before maternity leave, and be the mum I wanted to (or thought I should) be. 

    Unfortunately, I realised that this idea that we can “have it all” is a myth. Something had to give; so I quit my job and took time out to work on myself and re-evaluate what I wanted my life to look and feel like. 

    The decision to focus my work on women going through matrescence was a no brainer – I want to be the support that I never had. Someone to validate the feelings and challenges, and to walk alongside my clients as a supportive partner. Every day I feel privileged to work with my clients and watch them dig deep within themselves. I truly believe that with a little courage and the right support, every woman can embrace the transformation and opportunity for growth that comes with becoming a mother.

    Fee Structure

    I support my clients in a number of ways to suit their individual needs and budgets. Below are some of my signature options but I am always happy to work with you to put together a bespoke offer.

    Matrescence Coaching

    Do you feel like you’re stumbling your way through the early years of motherhood? Are you confused by the shift in your identity, feeling overwhelmed by the conflicting pressures of motherhood, or perhaps you feel like you’ve faded into the background and are looking to re-ignite your spark? 

    What you’ll get:

    An individual programme of 6 or 12, one-to-one, 60 minute coaching sessions over a course of three to six months

    A suite of tools and resources tailored to your matrescence challenges

    Maternity & Return to Work Coaching

    Returning to work is a big transition that forms a part of your matrescence. Are you looking to consciously plan for this transition? Do you want to find a way to successfully blend motherhood with your career without sacrificing your health, family or professional ambition?

    What you’ll get:

    An individual programme of 6 or 12, one-to-one, 60 minute coaching sessions over a period of three to six months

    A suite of tools and resources tailored to your individual challenges

    90-Minute Breakthrough

    In this one-off, 90 minute, laser focused coaching session you bring a clear challenge that you would like to work on. Together we will unpick it to help you find the piece of the puzzle that you cannot see and map a clear way forward. 

    This is perfect if you have a specific goal or decision you need to make, or if you would like to experience what coaching with me is like before committing to a longer term programme.

    What you’ll get:

    1 x one-to-one 90 minute coaching session

    A tool or resource specific to your challenge 

    Investment starts at £150 up to £1,200.

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