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Cathy Sansom

Cathy Sansom

I am a qualified coach and counsellor, specialising in empathetically addressing the whole family dynamic, as well as working with individuals (eg parenting, marital harmony, teenagers)

Location: East Sussex, Kent, London

Year Qualified: 2012

Areas of Expertise


"I have taken so much from Cathy in just the few sessions I had with her. Cathy has a warm yet professional approach. She did not impose any of her personal opinions at any point - the sessions were all about me, helping me to identify how I can harness my own potential. As a master of objectives and goal setting, Cathy was able to get me reflect on my personal and professional aspirations, setting goals along the way, whilst helping me identify the obstacles in my journey. I recommend Cathy highly."

NK, London - Seeking help on working out what to do next in life, personally and professionally

"Cathy, thank you for our wonderful sessions. I found how to express myself and conduct myself when frustrated. I learnt to reflect on both myself and my environment so I can grow. I found answers to habits that are far more child-rooted. Thank you for our awesome sessions."

​ KC, London - Seeking ways in which to overcome difficulties in their workplace

"Cathy is an excellent and individual life coach who I experienced as empowering and positively supportive. I really felt that Cathy’s valuable combined skills set of psychotherapy, corporate working experience and coaching makes her an exceptional person to be able to help and support anyone with whatever they need guidance with. I would definitely recommend Cathy to anyone."

TC, London - Seeking career change advice (and has since moved industry)

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • TPCL Coaching Qualification
    • Accredited Counsellor (BACP)
    • Accredited Coach (EMCC)

    Professional Background

    Prior to coaching, and in parallel to it, I have been an Executive Director in banking and insurance. I have managed large teams at the same time as bringing up three sons. At the same time I qualified with an Executive MBA from the London Business School, with a Financial Times Non-Executive Director Diploma and also became a qualified counsellor and coach.

    In my counselling and coaching work, I have worked with individuals, and also children and teenagers, parents and couples. My Executive Director work has centred mainly around Finance, Operations and Risk, and I am very familiar with what it feels like to have a stressful job while having the responsibility of a family.

    My background before work in the City, was in the oil industry and in manufacturing, using my Engineering degree, and I have had extensive project experience over my career, helping me to understand my clients experiencing the process and feelings of change.

    I have worked with entrepreneurs, helping them to hone their business strategies and plans and have lectured in Strategic Management, amongst other subjects such as Child Development, International Finance and Supply Chain Management.

    Qualified since 2012 and 2021. Long term career with leadership roles in banking, insurance, manufacturing and the oil industry.

    What drew you to coaching?

    My great joy in my work is helping clients to find their own joy and passions and to help them to realise them. We all have other demands on our time, and so working out the most efficient and rewarding way to achieve lasting happiness and fulfilment is a skill that I want to share.

    As you might imagine, my counselling training helps my coaching too, as I know how to handle, with sensitivity and empathy, deep emotions that can emerge when we are talking together about our families and our careers; the hopes and dreams that we hold for both.

    You will find me to be warm, welcoming and with you, every step of the way.

    Fee Structure

    • £125 per hour (evenings and all-day Friday)

    • £150 per hour (weekends)

    • Packages available for three sessions (£350) and six sessions (£675), across evenings, Fridays and weekends

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