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Maggie Roderick

Maggie Roderick

I help women see their abilities, review their work beliefs and increase their confidence to enable them to reach the career goals they deserve and want

Location: Stirling

Year Qualified: 2021

Areas of Expertise


Maggie is a phenomenal coach with a real capacity for challenging you in meaningful and empowering ways. I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and enjoyed the sense of continued progression, her calm and measured way of explaining things, and she made it impossible to avoid a difficult question....for my own good! Her passion for helping people is clear, and I can't recommend her highly enough - if you are looking for a dedicated, patient and good-humoured coach who will help you achieve your goals, you've found her.

Fiona, who was experiencing imposter syndrome and wanted a new career

Coaching is such an important facet of any career. To be truly effective it needs to be approached with the right attitude and mindset by both parties. For me that means a coach who brings empathy, understanding and patience as well as a firm grasp of the role of the coach. It also means someone who creates the right environment that enables effective engagement and personal progress. Maggie brings all of this and more to her coaching. A calm and professional approach with a very clear focus on you and your needs. An excellent and thought provoking experience from the outset.

Kevin, Global Chief Marketing Officer

Maggie got involved at an important time for me in my job interview with an international financial services company. Due to still being in school, I had become quite worried that my lack of experience and confidence in interview technique would diminish my chances at an important time. This led to me losing out on my 1st interview with the company. I reached out to Maggie on my second and last chance to get ta second post… Maggie went over all aspects of the interview skills, being encouraging and focusing on important parts to use when interviewed. She was an empowering influence on my practical skills. It was a great opportunity and comfort to have someone with such great experience and focus, giving me the preparation and ability to present successfully. I got the job!

Megan, young woman entering the job market for the first time

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Certified Diversity Coach
    • Trained Executive Coach

    Professional Background

    My background has always been in serving the public in one way or another. It has often been a struggle, as a woman and then especially as a mother, to be taken as seriously in the workplace as my male colleagues, many of whom were fathers. 

    However, I did break through the glass ceiling and became the first women ever to chair the UK Chartered Trading Standards Institute. I will not pretend it was easy in the same way as it is often not easy for mothers in employment now. Many of the same issues remain for women, but not usually as overtly as those I experienced.

    Currently I am a Church of Scotland minister, who promotes inclusivity. I never judge and work with people of all faiths and none. I am told that my pastoral skills enhance my coaching.  I’ve worked in parish ministry and now provide supply. Pastoral Care and listening to people’s stories is incredibly important to me and always has been.

    Prior to ministry, I was a Civil Servant with the Office of Fair Trading, having been a Trading Standards Officer in local authorities across the UK for many years, offering advice to consumers and honest traders, as well as conducting enforcement visits. This required me to listen carefully to consumers and traders alike, either giving advice or taking enforcement action as appropriate. 

    I am also a qualified and experienced Careers Officer working with young people, parents and also teachers. I have retained skills in helping to write job applications and provide interview practice with friends and colleagues throughout my adult life. The ones who did the work all got the jobs.

    In my professional life, I have mentored and coached in many different circumstances across the UK, ranging from informal mentoring of colleagues, to formal mentoring of trainees in local authorities and through the Church. Training has also featured highly, by guest lecturing at a University, running professional courses for colleagues across the UK and also for business. I have also been involved in teaching and supporting lay worship leaders.

    What drew you to coaching?

    I love supporting people, so I love coaching and being able to see a transformation in people, guiding them to their own conclusions on whatever challenge they face and supporting them to continue with their actions to reach their desired outcome.

    As a mother, I’m all too aware of the impact motherhood has on our home and employment. I enjoy coaching women, to empower and encourage you to obtain the best career you can have and be the best you can be, even if you don’t believe you’ll get there. I’m also here to be that listening ear, never telling you what to do, but always questioning insightfully, to help you find out what is really going on;  what you need and want help with. My life experience is invaluable with this.

    I was widowed at age 40 with two young children and understand the trials that come with single parenthood. One of my children is neurodiverse and was not properly diagnosed until she was 15. Dealing with life’s curveballs led me to reach out to, and support, other young widows with children as there was very little support available at the time. 

    As I was training, I realised that I had been supporting women all through my life, especially if they were experiencing challenges in their relationships, or were mothers trying to keep plates spinning. 

    I am told I am empathetic and encouraging. I love to see women being empowered to reach their potential and believe in themselves.

    Fee Structure

    Fees for 1-1 coaching £100-£125 per session – up to 90 minutes

    Discounts are available for packages of 6 sessions or more. This is available now.

    Group coaching programme being developed.

    Long 6 months Coaching Programme with training for female managers looking to reach the next level, but don’t think they’ll get there. This self paced online programme will cover their abilities, beliefs and confidence as well as examining their time and workplace visibility. It will help women to establish what’s holding them back. Although the programme can be followed at your own pace, there will be monthly group coaching meetings as well as full online support from me. This programme will usually be priced at £2,000 but will be offered within this group at £1,000 at least until 2024.

    Coming soon, contact me to join the waiting list.

    A  short online-only programme on visibility at work. This is designed to take approximately 2 hours/week for 4 weeks. The outcome will be you knowing how to make the most of what you are already doing as well as what else you can do to be noticed positively at work and be seen as someone who should be promoted. 

    This programme will usually be priced at £99 but will be offered within this group at £49 at least until 2024.

    Coming soon, contact me to join the waiting list.

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