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Tricia King

Tricia King

I support mothers during the transition to motherhood, or anytime thereafter, to practice self-compassion while they define their values, strength and relationships in the context of a shifting identity.

Location: Hertfordshire

Year Qualified: 2019

Areas of Expertise


Tricia provided a safe space to talk honestly about my worries in anticipation of making room to love my new baby and how my love for my eldest child could only grow, not be halved. Tricia supported me through our conversations. She was always available, warm and thoughtful. She helped me to navigate the shifting priorities as a mother of two and the intimate breastfeeding relationship. We explored options which allowed me to balance returning to work and continue breastfeeding in a way that met my baby's and also my own changing needs. She took time to understand my values, listened, normalised my situation and provided me with evidence based information and life experience. She held the space for me to work through my decisions at my own pace. I would highly recommend Tricia's services to all mothers!

Natasha, Mum of two and OT

Tricia was an enormous support on my matresence journey after the birth of my second child. She held space for me to make sense of - and integrate - all the many changes in my identity, values, preferences and needs at a very confusing and difficult time. Tricia is a fantastic coach, fundamentally because she is relational and very good at listening at all levels - emotional, rational and intention. She really got to know me through asking great questions and inquiring into context. She gently offered observations and noticed and pointed out possible assumptions and patterns. She really helped me to reflect on and make sense of my (changing) needs and feel ok about it all. She really brought compassion and skill to these conversations and I would highly recommend working with Tricia.

Alison Reynolds, Mum of two and Leadership Faculty at Hult International Business School

It is hard to put into words how very supportive and acutely instrumental Tricia has been in the transition from anxious workaholic to motherhood for me. My worries, queries and questions were always met with fantastic, immediately practical solutions based on intelligence, warmth and compassion. Thank you Tricia for coaching me and helping me see that I can do this, you are a wonderful woman.

Ammo, Management Consultant and first-time mum

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Holistic Sleep Coaching, 2019 (with Lyndsey Hookway)
    • Motherhood Studies Practitioner training, 2020 (with Sophie Brock)
    • Mama Rising, ICF accredited training, 2022-2023 (with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz)

    Professional Background

    Prior to coaching, I worked with new mothers and families in a number of ways supporting the perinatal period. I am a qualified lactation consultant (IBCLC) and provide antenatal education and postnatal support with infant feeding, including with common and not-so-common breastfeeding/chestfeeding challenges, bottle feeding, weaning and the introduction of solid foods. I’m also a trained baby massage instructor, baby wearing peer supporter and mental well-being practitioner. I am a Holistic Sleep Coach, trained to support biologically appropriate infant sleep in a responsive way which is both supportive of parents and attachment and infant mental health-focused. I have long been interested in mental health and my MSc in Public Health specialised in mental health, particularly within the perinatal context.

    Much of my work with families in this space has been focused on fostering connection and supporting attachment between parents and infants, through an evidence-informed lens, but centring the wants and needs of individual families rather than applying a single approach for all. My early training in breastfeeding support was heavily focussed on learning counselling skills, so while I’m not a qualified counsellor I received training and experience in active listening and space holding. Enabling parents to make decisions in line with their individual values and wishes with confidence has been my primary aim throughout my roles.

    What drew you to coaching?

    I was drawn to pursue coaching when I realised that I had inadvertently ended up providing coaching to my clients within the other contexts in which we were working together. After quite a few clients referred to how I showed up in our conversations as coaching, I decided I should probably look into it more.

    My curiosity about other people, and my interest in connecting threads (sometimes feeling like a detective!), allow me to support clients by listening to a challenge and piecing together themes and connections which might not be immediately obvious to them. 

    Motherhood is a major life transition, and one which is ongoing. It’s also such an important role, and comes with countless expectations, both internal and external. As such, it’s a common cause of worry and stress for many women, and my mission is to support mothers to find peace and fulfilment in mothering their way, rather than according to society’s unrealistic and unattainable rules. I bring to my Matrescence coaching a sociological understanding of the context in which women mother today, as well as framework through which to define one’s own version of success and new sense of identity.

    To this I also bring my own lived experience of navigating these questions as a mother of three, my warmth and my compassion. Mothers at any stage can benefit from examining matrescence and it’s impact on their experiences.

    Fee Structure

    I work with clients in a variety of ways to suit differing needs. The first step is to arrange a brief chat to determine whether we are a good fit and decide what will suit you best.

    One-off, or a short series of, sessions start at £80 per hour. 

    A longer coaching container of three or six months, which offers ongoing support between sessions and starts at £1297.

    Clients may also prefer group coaching programmes; contact me for dates and availability.

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