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Charlotte Worth

Charlotte Worth

I specialise in career growth, enabling you to unleash your potential by focusing on your strengths, enabling you to overcome obstacles and supporting you in crafting a roadmap to success.

Location: London

Year Qualified: 2019

Areas of Expertise


I came across Charlotte after returning to work following my second baby when the reality of balancing a demanding role with a young family meant I was close to breaking. I had never had coaching before and didn’t know anyone who had so I was sceptical. Despite Charlotte coming from a completely different industry to myself, she just got it!! She supported me find what really mattered to me - what my purpose was; what was important to me in a company, career, role and for me with my family. She guided me through my thoughts and feelings without giving me any answers. She was relatable being a working Mum and she gave me confidence, which is ultimately what I needed. I gained a belief in myself and my abilities of what I have to offer. Having lost myself in the reality of a post-Covid world, Charlotte empowered me to make decisions that worked for me and my family whilst also ensuring I didn’t lose my vision of what I want to achieve in my career.

Danielle, Supply Chain Manager, wanting to find her purpose at work after returning from maternity leave.

Charlotte helped me navigate a difficult interview process and helped me land a great new job. She also guided me through my transition coming back from maternity leave. She’s opened my eyes to the value of career coaching and something I will always recommend for my teams going forward. I look forward to working with you again Charlotte.

Hannah, Head of Mid Market Sales wanted help transitioning back into work after maternity leave.

Charlotte's deep knowledge of business strategies, leadership principles, and personal development has been instrumental in helping me navigate complex professional & personal situations and make informed decisions. Charlotte's coaching style is both inspiring and pragmatic. She consistently provided me with actionable advice tailored to my specific needs and goals. Her insights have not only helped me enhance my professional skills but have also boosted my confidence in my abilities. What sets Charlotte apart is her genuine passion for helping others succeed. She is a fantastic listener, she always attentive to my concerns and goals. Her constructive feedback and encouragement motivated me to strive for excellence in every aspect of my career. Thanks to Charlotte's guidance, I have achieved significant milestones and continue to grow both personally and professionally. I wholeheartedly recommend Charlotte to anyone seeking to elevate their career and achieve their full potential. She is a true asset to any professional looking to thrive in today's competitive business landscape.

Alex, Regional Vice President Digital Sales looking to progress their career

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • BA Hons Psychology, Westminster University
    • Coaching For Performance: Coach Certificate Pathway: Coaching for Performance and Purpose
    • Associated Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation
    • Hogan Assessment
    • Barefoot Team Coaching Accreditation
    • The Power of Embodied Transformation
    • Neuroscience of Intuition Coaching
    • Post Trauma Growth Coaching
    • Mental Health First Aid

    Professional Background

    Prior to embarking on my coaching career, I dedicated 18 years to the BBC, where I undertook responsibilities such as team management, program creation, and the orchestration of large-scale events. This role demanded a fusion of creativity, strong managerial acumen, and the ability to lead substantial teams from across the globe. It was also a role where coaching played a pivotal role, fostering growth, motivation, and empowerment in my teams and presenters, enabling them to achieve their full potential. Following my tenure at the BBC, I extended my contributions to various well-known charities such as Children in Need. Tommy’s, and the British Red Cross before assuming a managerial position at the London Business School, overseeing their Executive Education programs for corporate clients on a global scale.

    What drew you to coaching?

    My coaching has been deeply influenced by my own experience of losing my direction and confidence at work after returning from maternity leave. It resulted in me leaving an organisation that I had previously loved.  If I’d had access to a coach at that time, I believe I would have handled the situation very differently. A coach would have helped me calm the noise in my head, unravel my thoughts, and enable me to create a clear plan.  Now I use my coaching skills, alongside my personal and work experience, to support my clients to overcome any challenges they might face and help them to turn dreams into achievable goals.  

    What I find most fulfilling in coaching is witnessing the transformation of my clients. Starting from a place where they believe their desired changes are unattainable it is incredibly rewarding to observe them recognise their own potential and begin actively applying their newly acquired skills and behaviours.

    Fee Structure

    1x 45 min session £75
    1x one hour session £100
    Other bespoke options are available depending upon needs and budget.

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