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Charlotte Worth

Charlotte Worth

I help my clients to unlock their full potential by enabling them to navigate any bumps in the road, embrace their strengths and achieve their work-life goals

Location: London

Year Qualified: 2019

Areas of Expertise


"I entered the coaching session not really sure what was going to be involved. Charlotte provided me with a space to talk and asked all the questions I avoid asking myself. She encouraged me to see the positives in my answers, and we agreed on tasks I would set myself to overcome my stresses and be accountable for completing them. I feel so much more positive about the future."

Sarah, manager, charity sector

"Charlotte guided me through an Odyssean career journey, helping me to identify my core professional frustrations and to better look at the mental habits that were holding me back. Together, we dreamed big and got comfortable with failure - Charlotte supported, cheered, and steered me along as I aimed high and persisted with putting myself up for much bigger jobs than I had previously imagined. Almost every session together had a “zinger” of an insight, which I could mull over until the next session. The power of a safe space to talk about something as consuming (and boring for others!) as one's career ambitions cannot be overstated; just airing my self doubts and fears helped to dissipate them. But what makes Charlotte really stand out is her generosity of spirit - Charlotte doesn’t watch the clock, she reaches out in spontaneous moments to check in, she sends readings and ideas at odd moments if she feels that it might help her client’s journey. Being Charlotte's client means getting her all - it’s somehow both a comforting and highly challenging experience. Thank you Charlotte."

Jasmine, senior manager

"Charlotte was very pragmatic and practical. I like how direct she is, and she helped me quickly decipher some of the emotions and thoughts I was struggling with. She helped me identify some easy next steps to take to achieve my goals and improve my work-life balance."

Amy, product design manager

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • BA Hons Psychology, Westminster University
    • Coaching For Performance Coach Certificate Pathway, Performance Consultants International
    • ACC, International Coaching Federation
    • Hogan Suite, Mentis
    • Point Positive, Essentic

    Professional Background

    Prior to becoming a coach, I spent 18 years working for the BBC, creating programmes, directing high profile events and managing talent. It was a position that demanded creativity, strong managerial skills, and the ability to lead large teams from all areas of the music and entertainment industry. It was a role that had coaching very much at the heart of it – nurturing, encouraging and empowering both my teams and presenters to be their best and achieve their dreams of being centre stage.

    However, it wasn’t until I left the organisation and started managing programmes for the London Business School, that I fully became aware of the power of coaching and the positive changes it can make to a person’s life and career.

    What drew you to coaching?

    My coaching has been deeply influenced by my own experience of losing my direction and confidence at work after returning from maternity leave. It resulted in me leaving an organisation that I had previously loved.

    If I’d had access to a coach at that time, I believe I would have handled the situation very differently. A coach would have helped me calm the noise in my head, unravel my thoughts and enable me to create a clear plan.

    Now I use my coaching skills, alongside my personal and work experience, to support my clients to overcome any challenges they might face and help them to turn dreams into achievable goals.

    I believe that possibilities can become reality and that you can achieve your goals if you really want to.

    My goal as a coach is to enable my clients to visualise where they want to be in life and then empower them to reach it. I do this by enabling my clients to focus on their unique strengths and abilities; support them in uncovering and removing any internal or external barriers that might be blocking them; and support them to plot out the necessary next steps needed to achieve their goal.

    As well as supporting women to navigate their way back into work after maternity leave, I also work with individuals who want to enhance their overall work performance and develop better interpersonal skills and relationships, and assist new managers to become the leaders that they aspire to be.

    In addition to this, I can help to improve self-confidence, tackle imposter syndrome and develop ways to feel less overwhelmed and manage stress.

    Fee Structure

    £150 per hour, but I always work with my clients and try to make it affordable.

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