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Georgina Gray

Georgina Gray

I work with mums craving fresh perspective and structure to their thinking. I will coach you on walks in nature (in person or on the phone) to get to better outcomes. My expertise is in visioning, purpose, values, leadership and managing energy.

Location: London

Year Qualified: 2023

Areas of Expertise


Coaching has been a revelation - it gives me a bit of much needed space and perspective to process the week and to look ahead to the next. Georgina helps provoke my thinking and grow my awareness of myself together with some tools to use where needed. I am committed now as I see it as a tool for self care and to achieve balance.

Steph, senior leader in financial services and mother, participant of my group coaching sessions

Coaching has been a game-changer for me and now forms a key part of my ongoing professional development. Having that space to think and reflect is invaluable. Georgina has a brilliant knack of listening, understanding where I’m coming from and pinpointing key issues for us to work on. I’d recommend her coaching for anyone keen to develop their leadership skills and grow their business.

Laura, PR business founder and mother, having 1-1 sessions to grow her leadership and her business

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Barefoot Coach Training Programme for Business & Personal Coaching
    • Climate Change Coaching Training by Climate Change Coaches

    Professional Background

    I have a diverse background working as a consultant and coach to organisations ranging from big corporates to start ups across different industries. The common thread has always been about making an impact for people and the environment.

    Things I’ve done include:  

    Supporting leaders to grow purposeful organisations through creating great cultures and developing their leadership

    Helping organisations strategically focus, engage their people and communicate their sustainability and climate change initiatives

    Working in international development organisations including setting up and running award-winning African children’s charity, AfriKids

    Being a partner and shareholder successfully growing a self-managed business 

    Skills I’ve developed and continue to grow through my work include:

    Visioning, strategy development, finding purpose and articulating values, creative concepts and ideas, workshop design and facilitation, questioning and listening, coaching and storytelling.

    What drew you to coaching?

    I am at my best when I’m holding space, getting creative with exercises, being curious, asking questions and deeply listening as a coach. I work with women who are at a stage of peak responsibility in life managing many or all of the following: home life, children, work, elderly/ ill parents, loss/ grief, environmental action, the peri-menopause, and more. When we are overloaded, we can often lose connection to ourselves, our creative expression, our sense of purpose and direction, our values and the value of what we can contribute at home, at work and in the world. I help mums integrate all these parts of themselves and find the actions that are true to them to help them be their most potent and joyful selves. This brings me joy to see! I also love coaching outdoors in nature, as do my clients! For people with full lives like working mums, walking is a great and quick way to get out of our thinking heads and into our bodies to access feelings and emotions, and the data in them. I find walking side by side brings an ease to conversation and enables different ways of thinking. Nature is full of creative coaching resources and helps people engage more of their senses for a richer coaching experience. I love to play with the environment, space and people’s movement to help clients access new and different insights.

    Fee Structure

    My 1-1 sessions are priced at £100 an hour. I recommend a regular fortnightly cadence (of either an hour/ 90mins) with a 3 month commitment to start, working around school holidays. After that we can design a rhythm that works for you, for example a half/ termly/ seasonal check in. 1-1 sessions can be in person walks if we are close enough, or we can walk and talk on the phone, or get creative on Zoom. 

    My group sessions are £200 for 6 x 1 hour sessions. They are designed around themes based on working mums’ needs such as creating space, managing energy, finding creativity, self-care, boundaries, aligning with values. etc. What clients get from these sessions are: space for you, shared learnings, ideas and inspiration from other mums, greater self-awareness, new tools and practices to try at work and home, a sense of community, and more!

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch and book a free 30-minute discovery call here or contact me through my website.

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