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Anna Orenstein-Cardona

Anna Orenstein-Cardona

Anna is the founder of Wear Your Money Crown®, an empowering, woman-owned financial education and coaching firm that is passionately dedicated to bridging the financial inequality gap and transforming lives through education.

Location: London, Worldwide: New York

Year Qualified: 2020

Areas of Expertise


Working with Anna has been a game-changer! Given her decades of experience, I knew she would tick the boxes in terms of providing knowledge, professionalism, and mentorship. What was a pleasant surprise was the boxes ticked in areas I hadn't even realized I needed or wanted. Anna really helped me get the clarity I've been seeking in my finances for a long time. She partnered with me to i) truly understand the mindset driving my current financial structure, ii) create a personalised way for how I think about and create my financial health goals, and iii) track clear, simple data points to keep my finances on track. The result: I feel super energised and majorly in control of my finances. Thank you, Anna! I could not recommend you enough!

Yewande Faloyin Founder & CEO OTITO

I can honestly say that it has been a "before and after" experience for me. At first I wanted to learn about the status of my own finances and see how I could improve my retirement plans. And little by little I started learning, not just about the well-being of my finances and my budgets, but more importantly about myself and how I come to treat my finances. In the end, financial knowledge gave me the necessary personal confidence to take a much more hands-on approach to financial matters. I never imagined I could invest in the financial markets. But this program and this time working with Anna, has allowed me to learn how to exactly do that and more. More importantly, it's given me the confidence to do it at my own pace. Thank you Anna for your time and patience, and for always being available for my questions and concerns!

Marisela Morales Head of Household

Anna geeks out over finances but can present financial planning information without using geek-speak. That's important so that novices, like yours truly, can understand how to achieve financial independence. You owe it to yourself and also to your children's future to schedule a discovery call with Anna. Don't trust me. If big asset managers and insurance companies on Wall Street both in the U.S. and Europe trust Anna, you can too.

Tim Maudin Entrepreneur

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • NFEC-Certified Financial Educator (CFEI)
    • Certified Personal Financial Wellness Consultant

    Professional Background

    Through hard work and a heart of perseverance, I graduated from one of the world’s top universities – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a BS in Brain and Cognitive Sciences – and made my way to Wall Street to grow my money-savvy skillset.
    In 2000, I moved to London where I worked for over two decades on the trading floors of various global financial institutions covering many of the world’s largest asset managers & insurance companies with their investment portfolios.
    My passion to promote financial inclusion and help close the gap in financial literacy is what inspired me to leave the world of finance in the summer of 2021 and focus solely on my financial education & coaching business, as well as my writing.
    Two Fun Facts:
    #1: I once advised Colin Firth in a trading scene for Born Equal, a television film directed by Dominic Savage for the BBC (and yes, he is as lovely in person as he is on the big screen).
    #2: My debut children’s book The Tree Of Hope was published in 2022 with Beaming Books (a dream come true!)

    What drew you to coaching?

    After more than two decades of experience working on trading floors in the USA and Europe, I felt a deep passion to create a business that would align my financial knowledge with my love of teaching and leave a legacy of goodness in the world.
    That is what motivated me to launch my financial education & coaching business – Wear Your Money Crown™ – in 2020.
    In my role as a Financial Coach & Certified Financial Educator (CFEI), I work with clients in a holistic manner. This means that I work in aligning your mindset and financial behaviors with your short and long-term goals through education and most importantly – accountability – so that you can take actionable steps towards achieving results.
    My goal is to help you grow your money knowledge in a fun & creative way (goodbye complicated Wall Street jargon) and build a detailed roadmap for your financial future.
    This includes elements such as: smart cash flow management, budgeting, investment strategies that are in alignment with your personal goals, retirement, generational wealth building, and other important personal finance topics.
    I love nothing more than seeing my clients transform their lives and step into their financial power.
    After all, a Crown represents royalty, triumph, and victory. And my mission is that YOU Wear Your Money Crown with pride.

    Fee Structure

    Welcome to Wear Your Money Crown™ where financial empowerment reigns supreme! Whether you’re an individual looking to transform your financial landscape or an organization committed to enhancing employee well-being, we’ve got a tailored solution for you.
    Our services come with a flexible investment structure tailored to the specific needs of our clients. To learn more about our range of services and fees, visit our website

    Services for Individuals:

    • Money Mentor Sessions: Dive into personalized 60-minute sessions focused on specific financial topics that matter most to you. A mandatory 2-hour commitment is required as a base package.
    • Wear Your Money Crown™ Signature Program: Tailored for USA and/or UK citizens, this program consists of various online sessions spread over 3 to 4 months. With personal guidance, you’ll optimize your financial health and stride confidently toward your goals.
    • VIP Day: Ideal for busy professionals, entrepreneurs, and those undergoing life transitions, our VIP Day offers a unique opportunity to take control of your finances within a short timeframe.
    • Rule Your Finances Academy™: The only program of its kind providing clear step-by-step instructions, resources, and support to help you build solid financial foundations and sustainable wealth.

    Services for Organizations:

    • Dynamic Financial Workshops: Engage your employees with presentations tailored to simplify complex financial topics.
    • Bespoke Financial Wellness Programs: Foster financial literacy and inclusion with customized training initiatives to enhance employee well-being and engagement.
    • Financial Coaching for Senior Leaders: Equip your leadership team with the tools and knowledge to promote economic empowerment within the organization.

    Get Started:

    Ready to embark on your journey to financial wellness? Book a Free Discovery Call to explore your needs and discover how we can be of service:



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