Drama shows up in human relationships and is often present in workplaces. The problem is that managing our energy around drama can be draining and get in the way of doing our actual work. It may also mean that we have less energy for ourselves and our home life, and we do not feel as productive as we know we can be.

When we are aware of the drama and can see what’s happening, we can make choices that support us and others to work together more effectively and with more energy!

In this webinar I will introduce you to the drama triangle and the 3 scripted roles that people default to in times of stress, as well as how the interplay between the roles keeps relationships, teams and organisations in drama. You will have a chance to reflect on your natural go-to role and what happens as a result. I will also share the antidote to the drama triangle and the roles you can adopt to help move yourself and others out of drama, along with some tips on how to do this.

This session will give you:

  • An understanding of what drama looks and feels like in organisations
  • Awareness of the scripted roles we adopt that perpetuate drama (like in any good soap opera!) and your default role 
  • An introduction to an alternative dynamic that supports more effective working 
  • Tips for getting yourself and others out of drama

Georgina is an experienced coach, group facilitator and trainer. She works with clients energetically, creating experiences (both in 1-1s and groups) that take them on learning journeys and support them to manage their own energy. 

She brings specialist experience around visioning, values, purpose, leadership and energy management, tailored especially for working mothers looking to integrate life’s many roles. Through a mix of coaching and facilitation, teaching of empowering tools to use at home and work, and creative exercises she helps mothers connect with their energy to live, lead and parent their way.

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