How can embracing your true self lead to personal and professional success?

🎙️ In this enlightening episode, Gehad Mursi, a counselor turned Success Coach, shares how she helps clients to uncover their strengths and purpose through the A.R.I.S.E Method – Awareness, Rediscovery, Identity, Strength, and Excellence – so that they can show up authentically without fear of judgement.

She highlights why self-awareness is crucial for an individual’s success and how aligning career choices with your personality traits can redefine your personal and professional growth.

She discusses how faith plays a role in her coaching and provides valuable insights on how leveraging a deep understanding of diverse perspectives can help enrich your relationships and help you achieve your goals.

🎧 Tune to discover how Gehad’s unique coaching methods can illuminate the path to finding joy and fulfilment in your life and career. This episode is packed with practical advice, inspiring client stories, and heartening anecdotes.


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