Most of us are aware about our inner voice but often it’s challenging to differentiate how it may be sabotaging us. In fact, what we once thought was one voice or negative emotion, can be broken down into a whole group of different voices and emotions! Sometimes we may feel that these voices that we’ve always listened to have helped us be successful, accelerate our career and improve our relationships.

This webinar helps you identify the limiting stories you are telling yourself and how you can shift these stories so you can change the way you succeed in your career. 

During this webinar, we will take you through a practical framework and exercises to name, tame and reframe your saboteurs and limited beliefs.

As working mothers, we often hold an unconscious berating narrative about ourselves due to the conditioning we have received from our childhoods and society. 

At this webinar, you will learn: 


– Greater awareness about inner voices and beliefs that may be unconsciously sabotaging your career

– A clear framework, practises and tools to name and tame your saboteurs and transform your career

– A better understanding of how your brain can help you reframe these limiting beliefs and negative emotions via some key neuroscience tips.


The host of the webinar is Ellie English. She is a certified ICF and Co-Active leadership coach empowering leaders and working mothers to transform the way they lead through surfacing deeply unconscious beliefs and societal conditioning. 

Based on her 20+ corporate and consulting experience spanning marketing, strategy and transformation and 8 years of coaching leaders, she has witnessed the key to transforming your leadership is to help clients understand who they truly want to be beneath the conditioning.