Many women find themselves looking around at their current working lives and thinking “Is this really it? Is this what I’ve worked so hard for?”.

Chances are you have realised that your current work is no longer fulfilling or just doesn’t fit with your life today. If you know you want a different career, it can be hard to know where to start.  

It can be easy to get stuck and spend lots of time feeling overwhelmed or worried about ‘getting it wrong’.

If you’re feeling stuck, the good news is that there is a proven process that will help you move forward.

I’ll share the common mistakes that people make when they’re thinking of changing careers and how you can avoid them. And you’ll learn what to do instead so that you can confidently start creating the career that will make you feel happier and more fulfilled.

This coaching webinar is hosted by Dana Stevens. She is a Career & Confidence Coach that specialises in helping women work out their next career move, work out what’s holding them back and then create a plan so they can start taking action.

Coaching is Dana’s third successful career after working her way up as Head of Strategy at a top London ad agency and a previous life as a Radio Producer at the BBC.

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