We hear about teams losing their mojo or someone wanting it back. It sounds like it should be a physical thing, however it’s mental and emotional and affects our performance, intellectual ability to think clearly and self worth.

‘Mojo’ can be an energy, an influence or personal charm, it is intangible and is associated with self confidence and charisma. It is your spark, the spring in your steps, your uniqueness.

Having little or lots can determine not only how successful you are and feel but how effective your decision making is as an individual or as part of a team.

Having your Mojo in abundance plays an important part in your personal and professional life. I enjoy working with clients to increase their Mojo in their professional setting. Knowing what your mojo is and how to feed it so it grows, begins with personal development and personal leadership.

At work, a lack of Mojo can be very destructive over a period of time. Here are 4 great, simple ways to reflect and define your MOJO, so you can really thrive.

Motivation – Boost it! 

  • Clarify what motivates you. What are your needs and purpose?
  • Identify your aspiration and ambition
  • Define what success looks like for you


Optimism – Enhance it! 

  • Develop being proactive and not reactive with people and situations
  • Explore your core values, these tend not to change too much, they are pretty rooted
  • Identify what you control and influence and more importantly, what you don’t


JOY – Embrace it! 

  • Actively explore positive ways to tackle a challenge and see the opportunity
  • Identify habits, assumptions and patterns in your behaviour that may be unresourceful and learn to make changes
  • Explore and find time for self care, gratitude and wellbeing, this needn’t be complicated


Ownership – Take it! 

  • Explore your priorities, work out what is important to you
  • Gain autonomy, to think creatively and increase trust
  • Take responsibility, big and small, this includes self responsibility


Out of curiosity 

  • How sure are you of your strengths, desires, achievements, needs, wants, problems, values, contributions and character?

It is very easy to go barking up the wrong tree or to point the finger at a problem that only exists on the surface. Our Mojo changes over time and in different roles and circumstances, our needs change. So it is imperative to re-evaluate, to ensure you are focusing on the right things to increase your Mojo, grow in self worth and truly shine.

Like with all good coaching conversations, developing self awareness will support you to align your decisions with what matters most to YOU and will ensure you make positive small steps going forward.

Please get in touch to share your thoughts or to explore how I can help to expand your Mojo.

This article was written by Chloe Coburn one of our partner coaches who supports women and helps them to connect with themselves and their values, to make the next change/transition intentional and purposeful. You can get in touch via her profile page and book a free discovery call to learn more about coaching with Chloe.