Do you feel like you’re stumbling your way through the early years of motherhood? Are you confused by the shift in your identity, feeling overwhelmed by the conflicting pressures, or perhaps you feel like you’ve faded into the background?

Becoming a mother is a profound transformation. It’s called matrescence. It’s a universal experience but one that is deeply unique to every mother. Whether you are a brand new mum trying to adjust to this new normal or a more seasoned mother who is finding the everyday demands of motherhood overwhelming, this is your time to honour and reflect on what being a mother means for you.

In this session, we will explore the different layers of transformation that we go through as we transition into and through motherhood.

You will have an opportunity to reflect on your own matrescence journey and we will cover six steps to help you navigate common challenges and redefine your motherhood experience.

This session will give you a deep feeling of compassion, validation and new appreciation for yourself, and you will leave feeling more confident, equipped, and empowered to live, work and mother in your own way

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