As a teacher you are a powerful, purposeful, influential member of society. Shaping and inspiring future generations.

You really are extraordinary, as you give and contribute in your own unique way.

So why is stress, overwhelm or exhaustion getting the better of you? What can you do about it?

In this Webinar, we identify how to get your MOJO back in abundance and continue doing an awesome job, whilst ensuring your needs are met.

In this talk, you will be given an overview of the key ingredients to getting your MOJO back.

You will be given the opportunity to reflect deeply on your core challenges that deplete your energy supplies.

I will share with you tools to shift your mindset and focus on the here and now. You will be given the opportunity to identify what you control and what you don’t and how this impacts you.

This session is designed to gain clarity and new insight on what is causing you concern currently and identify internal blockers. 

The outcome here is for you to gain autonomy, empowerment and confidence to make informed decisions about the teacher you are and want to be. Register below to receive access to this powerful coaching session. 

The host of the webinar is Chloe Coburn. Chloe is an accredited Personal, Performance and Life Coach, with a second diploma in Coaching within Education. She is also a Partner Coach with Careering into Motherhood.

Prior to coaching, Chloe was a passionate secondary school teacher for 18 years. She was Head of a successful Creative Arts Faculty and middle manager.