What don’t they tell you in antenatal classes? That becoming parents completely changes your relationship dynamic.

🎙️ In this episode, Couples Coach, author and parental equity expert Rachel Childs shares her journey from corporate talent development to coaching, highlighting key strategies from her book Beyond Baby Talk for couples transitioning into parenthood.


Rachel explores how traditional gender roles during maternity leave can affect both career progression and household dynamics. She emphasises the importance of communication between partners before and after the baby’s arrival, offering practical tools to foster understanding and support without judgment.

She also discusses the benefits of shared parental leave and advocates for fathers’ early and active involvement, which enhances family bonding and supports equitable relationship dynamics.

🎧 Listen in to gain expert advice from Rachel on strengthening your partnership, managing parenting demands together, and building a solid foundation for your family. Podcast link in our bio 👆 or tune in our your preferred podcast platform of choice.

🤝Rachel is the founder of @parents_that_work, an organisation dedicated to helping parents navigate parenthood, work, and life with strong and united relationships. She advocates that before we can achieve equity in the workplace, we need to start by supporting couples in building equal parenting partnerships.

📅 Rachel will be hosting a free online workshop on the 25th of June at 12:30 PM to explore crucial conversations you should have with your partner to build a stronger, more resilient, and loving relationship. This workshop is designed for all parents, whether you’re expecting your first child or already navigating parenthood. Please sign up for her workshop here.