People who are able to create a mental representation of who they want their future self to be, will be more motivated to try and align their current behaviours with this envisioned future self.

The aim of this workshop is to help you to create a vision of your ideal self as a leader and reflect on the qualities and actions that make up this future for you.  It will help you to focus on who your best possible self can be identify the specific characteristics that you would like to develop and create a plan of action to make it all happen.

This session will give you a clear image of who you would like to become in the future and a plan of what changes you will need to make in order to make it happen.

Charlotte Worth is a partner coach with Careering into Motherhood she specialises in career growth, enabling you to unleash your potential by focusing on your strengths, enabling you to overcome obstacles and supporting you in crafting a roadmap to success.

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