Feeling like your chase for success is leading you towards burnout? It’s time for a new perspective on what truly counts as achievement.

🎧 Dive into our newest podcast episode with Ellie English, the dynamic co-leader of @femininewarriormindset. In this insightful conversation, Ellie unravels the fine line between mere achievement and genuine success, emphasising the critical role of emotional well-being and being fully present to circumvent executive burnout.

🎙️ Ellie tackles the hurdles of hyper-rational workplace cultures and stresses the importance of empathy and belonging. She delves into the societal norms that mould our success metrics and discusses their profound effects on women, especially those balancing motherhood and careers.
This episode is a treasure trove for anyone seeking to enhance mental resilience, boost leadership skills, and unearth the subconscious barriers to their progress.

As a seasoned Leadership and Mindset Coach, Ellie English specialises in empowering mothers with the tools for a profound mindset transformation. From reducing the mental load to authentically rebalancing life and strengthening relationships from within, Ellie’s coaching offers a path to thrive.

🌟 Discover how Ellie’s transformative approach can revolutionise your journey by visiting Ellie’s Careering into Motherhood profile on our website.