Working for yourself is often seen as a great course of action after having kids.  It can give us flexibility, purpose and a better work-life balance.

But the reality can be very different as it takes time, commitment and compromise to build a successful career of self-employment.

As a successful business owner, I’m here to guide you through the process I went through as I left my 23-year marketing career to start my coaching business.

This coaching session will help you understand your new values as a working parent and focus on your strengths and passions so you can find out whether starting your own business is the right career direction for you.

In this coaching webinar you will learn about:

  • Core values and why they’re important in shaping your career direction
  • Embracing your strengths to shape your career direction
  • Understanding the motivations behind working for yourself
  • Creating an action plan so you can made an educated decision on whether self-employment is right

This session will give you the confidence you need to first identify whether starting a business is right for you and second, to help you hone in on what that could look like and how you’d make it happen.

Ayesha champions working mums who want to take control of their career and work-life balance and find the confidence to put their needs back on the agenda. After a 23-year corporate career, she retrained as a coach and also now hosts The Parent Equation podcast. Last year she chaired a panel discussion on Parental Support reform at the House of Commons and has brought her experience to Careering into Motherhood. To find out more about Ayesha and her coaching programs please visit her profile page.