Are you struggling to navigate your career path post-motherhood? You’re not alone.

🎙️ Dive into our latest Careering into Motherhood episode featuring the incredible Belinda Batt, an accredited coach who champions mothers’ flourishing. Belinda unveils the transformative power of positive psychology to help mothers redefine their careers and boost their confidence.

Discover the secrets to dismantling societal expectations and mastering the art of the ‘squiggly career’ path. Belinda’s rich insights and practical advice are your keys to achieving the coveted balance between professional success and joyful motherhood.

🎧 Get ready to chart a course that celebrates both your career aspirations and your unique journey as a mother.

🤝 Embrace your journey with Belinda (@flourishingmother), a Life Coach dedicated to smashing maternal guilt and empowering your return to work with confidence. Utilising positive psychological strategies, she’s here to guide you towards balance, connection, and personal growth amid the beautiful chaos of motherhood.

Explore how Belinda can illuminate your path to work-life harmony and personal fulfilment by checking out Belinda’s profile on the Careering into Motherhood page.